Thursday, November 8, 2012

NFL Thursday: Jaguars breath prime time air

Despite the incredible upsides to Thursday Night Football (my wife can watch Grey's Anatomy in peace, The NFL is the best show on any channel almost all the time, excuse to order wings) there are some down sides.
I consider this opportunity to watch the Jaguars one of those downsides. In the best of times the Jags can boast a healthy run game behind the cannonball express named Maurice Jones-Drew. But MJD has been noticeably absent these past two weeks and will remain absent tonight against divisional rivals the Colts.
Without MJD the  Jags boast exactly zero fantasy starters (with apologies to owners in 16-team formats where even Justin Blackmon is a start).
Blaine Gabbert rivals Mark Sanchez and Kevin Kolb for fantasy value, and frankly besides TE Marcedes Lewis and WR Cecil Shorts I can't name a player on the whole team.
 On the other side of the ball we do get some plays in Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne and the nascent Ty Hilton. Luck seems to have wrestled the starting job away from Eli Manning in one of my leagues, so that's just one more vote against Manning - and I always appreciate that. Luck has legitimately become an interesting person to watch and those without the NFL Sunday Ticket probably don't get a lot of opportunities to see him in action. And with the Colts potentially making a playoff run and facing a division rival this game at least holds promise (unlike last week's Chargers vs. Chiefs). In fact I thing I'm going to go out and fetch Indy's D to play tonight just to have something to care about. Don't worry, they can't be any worse than the D I've been starting all  season. In fact I'm pretty sure that's why we have defenses in this particular league - just as a place holder for when you have a prime time game with no action. Don't laugh.

Whatever, it's better than  watching the X Factor.


J said...

I'm trying to figure out who in the NFL scheduling department has both a personal investment in the Jags and the knowledge of RG1's darkest secret. That's the only plausible explanation I can come up with on how the Jags get so many prime time games. They have been excruciatingly boring for years, even with MJ-D at his best. They haven't sold out a game since, when, the 20th century?

I'm saving the wing order for Sunday, and hoping this game is as boring as I think it will be so I can go to bed early without losing my man card.