Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In Defense of Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson owners recall the first half of the 2011 season with the sort of fondness usually reserved for invasive dental work,  the last season of Glee and colonoscopies. So to see him drag out onto the field last Sunday with such a regressive performance might be enough to cause a mass benching.

And while week one offered no actual hints of promise for Johnson, it was ripe with excuses that I'll use rationalize starting him in week two against a Chargers team that last week held Darren McFadden in check on the ground.

CJ's in-game style is a little like dragging a teenager out of bed in the first it's slow going, almost glacial, then when he finally gets going it's shower, eat, brush teeth, pack bag, sprint to school all in about 45 seconds. And with only 11 carries on Sunday CJ never really got out of bed.

In typical N.E. Patriot fashion Brady and his boys jumped out to any early lead and were up close to 3 TDs by the half, rendering moot the Titans run game. With any luck for the Titans, Kenny Britt will get some reps in week two. Britt and Nate Washington might not be the biggest knockout punch in the league - but they surely will put up more of a fight against the Chargers secondary than did Oakland's Rod Streater and Darrius Heyward-Bey. I'm looking for San Diego to have to devote a little more time to covering the receivers than they did a week ago, so CJ should have a little more room to breathe than RunDMC did.


J said...

I'm not sure. It's not that SD can't cover receivers, it's that they didn't have to (the Raiders 2nd best WR plays for the Panthers and their 3rd-best plays for the Jets). So it was an easy game plan to concentrate on McFadden. But the Titans wideouts aren't much better outside of Britt. SD might be able to get away with keying on the RB again.

Of course, my rooting interest is the opposite of yours. I want Rivers to throw for 250 yards and 3 TDs in the opening quarter, thus making up for him costing me a week 1 victory. That would also render CJ moot again.

Or I could start Schaub. But soon as I do, Foster & Tate will go for 500 combined yards and Schaub throws 3 passes all day.

Dang, I'm conpletely schitzoid after 1 week. It's amazing how much one can abuse himself, and like it...

Anonymous said...

Who should I start, Rodgers or Romo? Rodgers doesn't look to be the same QB he was last year or have near the weapons. Meanwhile, Romo looks like the typical fantasy stud I rode all the way through the playoffs last year.

ericdedwar said...

J - Nate Washington is to Calvin Johnson what Darrius Heyward-Bey is to Nate Washington. And of course Britt has the potential to kill it.

Romo or Rodgers? Gotta go with Rodgers. He was playing the toughest D in the league (one of them anyway) and he still had the best fantasy week of any QB (depending on league settings). The fact that you get to make that kind of decision means your team is going to be very well-staffed at QB this season.