Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tim Hightower & LeGarrette Blount = Not dead yet.

"Unless your opponent has studied as a leaper."
LeGarrette Blount
 In 2010 when Legarrette Blount was hurdling defenders and running of people with his 6' 250 lb frame he looked like the second coming of Jim Brown. Of course this was 2010 -Josh Freeman looked like Drew Brees and Mike Williams looked like Larry Fitzgerald.

In 2011 Mike Williams looked more like Steve Breaston, Freeman looked like Matt Hasselbeck and Blount, well, Blount looked a lot more like Donald Brown than Jim Brown. Together the three put on such a clinic in slumpiness that they've been all but written off by fantasy owners and Tampa fans alike. The addition of the perpetually delighted Vincent Jackson has de facto moved Williams off the map, while perhaps raising Freeman's stock to about sea level, but the addition of rookie running back Doug Martin has had many an eyebrow raised about LeGarrette's future with the Bucs. But Tampa is reporting that Blount is the top feeder on the team's depth chart leading fantasy owners to cross their fingers that the slump was just that.

Tim Hightower
 The Redskin's RB is another kettle of fish entirely. He appeared rejuvenated at the beginning of last season, posting good, if not astounding, fantasy numbers until tearing his ACL in week 7 opening the door for Roy Helu to show 'Skins fans what he could do. Helu put together a nice season posting 3 hundred-yard games to go along with a couple of TDs. The assumption has been that Helu would take the starting mantle in 2012, but the Redskins are, apparently, seeing things differently, as they have placed Hightower at the top of their depth chart going into preseason games.

Both guys are trading VERY low at the moment - with Blount going in the 10th and Hightower middle of the 12th. If both maintain their positions atop their respective depth charts those numbers should bounce quite a bit.


J said...

Getting Helu off the waiver wire last year continued my trend of managing to find one good producer off the scrap heap each year (I also got McGahee in round 15, and Peyton Hillis was my find in '10). Problem was that he was quite up-and-down at the end, and once playoff time arrived I picked a down week to start him. Such is fantasy football life.

I am more convinced than ever that a fantasy player coming off an ACL tear is not his pre-injury self until 12 full months after the injury. I think most of my league mates feel that way too, so I think Hightower will last a while. Somebody will take him in round 12-14 and use him in the second half when he's legitimately healthy, and will probably clinch a playoff spot for it.

ericdedwar said...

I'm definitely more interested in Blount. Never been a huge Hightower guy.

owner said...

very nice