Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 5 Players who will perform - Chris Johnson

We've spent three weeks telling you who makes us cringe. A list of unaccountability. Now with fewer than 10 days to kick off we'll offer 5 players you can count on to dominate at their position.

 Running Back - Chris Johnson

Because of alcohol, and microwaves and catchy pop tunes that will eventually be re-recorded by a Muppet, it is hard to remember that a mere 3 seasons ago Chris Johnson -- he of the dazzling grill and the dreads and the 2000-yard, 430+ point fantasy season -- was the holy grail of running backs. A let-down season and a holdout later and you have given your heart to another. Namely Arian Foster. And Foster does a lot, he's a thoughtful and giving player when it comes to the endless needs of fantasy owners. Well, if you can forget about the hamstring that does seem to keep him off the field from time to time. But enough about Foster, think back to your first love. He's sitting right there, his 2,000 yard smile glimmering in the Tennessee sun. He's ready to show you that he loves you too, and that he means it this time. He wants things to be like before. He thinks maybe you do, too. So come on over here and cuddle up to the self-proclaimed fastest man in the NFL. CJ2K4EVR. 


J said...

My league is QB-friendly. You get a point for every 20 passing yards, 1 for every 10 rushing yards, 6 points for a TD, and 5-point bonus at 250, 275 and 300 yards. After 300, another 5 points every 50 yards. So, every year when you rank all players by fantasy points, the top 20 is dominated by QBs, with a few RBs.

CJ2K was the second - and last - RB drafted in our first round. With so many teams going to RB tandems/committees, the best value in RBs are the ones that catch as much as they run. Of course, Foster (if he stays on the field) and CJ2K run for so many yards they rise to the top. But below them, guys like AP, Sproles, Forte, Gore and Steven Jackson score a bunch catching all those screen passes. I think CJ2K will end up around 5th or so in the RB rankings.