Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Preseason Gut Check: I'm legitimately terrified of Mike Vick

Back, and to the left...back, and to the left...
For the non-keeper leagues of the world Michael Vick's preseason follies are an amusing aside at best.
His helmet-bait thumb combined with the target that seems to be pasted on his ribcage has made the 2012 preseason games feel an awful lot like the dismal 2011 regular season where Vick missed three games with a cracked rib and left a game early after smacking his thumb on his own lineman's helmet.

For those in keeper leagues who in many cases have Vick as a deep round keeper these miscues are mortifying. In my keeper league we get to keep two players a season and they can't be at the same position. So having decided to roll the dice on Jamaal Charles as my 10th round keeper my remaining spot ought to go to Vick in the 13th round. Mike Vick in the 13th round sounds like a dream. But what good does it do me to have Vick - even in the late rounds - when I have to go out and draft an actual starting quarterback who stands a chance of starting and finishing more than 12 games this year? For my team the opportunity cost of keeping Vick is that I can't keep the Patriots TE, Aaron Hernandez, who despite being injured and sharing a bench with no fewer than 16 other tight ends, will still manage to outplay Jermichael Finley this year.

What's an owner to do? Keep Vick as a reserve and go after one of the Big 3 in the first round? Keep Vick as a starter and go after a hot rookie in the middle rounds? Throw Vick off the team, keep Hernandez and start a fresh, Vick-free life?

It's possible that Vick is just playing it safe and sitting out when he could easily be on the field, it is only the preseason after all. But what is undeniable is that Vick's most proficient stat so far this season is that he is 2 for 2 on trips to the locker room in the first quarter. He keeps this up they are going to rename the team MRI after him.


Anonymous said...

I'd dump him and start over. He was a great fantasy QB for years, but I haven't been impressed with his QB abilities throwing the ball. He's been fragile for a while, and really isn't going to get you that bang for your buck you wanted to see. Can't blame you for taking Vick in such a late round though.