Friday, August 31, 2012

Preseason finale - Sleeper of the season

We've spent three weeks telling you who makes us cringe. A list of unaccountability. Now with less than a week to kick off we'll offer 5 players you can count on to dominate at their position. 

Sleeper - Michael Bush
 Benjamin Franklin reminds us the only thing more certain than death and taxes is the precipitous decline in production of a player who has just signed a new contract. Franklin also knew that the animosity which came along with said contract is inversely proportional to the player's success in the first year of that contract. Other variables in this calculus include players the team may have signed at the same position, and how much money the team doled out to other players while making Player A sweat. So no one will be surprised when Matt Forte dislocates his nose and turns the Bears' rushing duties over the the very capable, dying-to-be-featured-back Michael Bush. Bush is the understudy who trumps the lead. He did it to RunDMC in Oakland and he'll do it to Forte in Chicago. Don't sleep on that.


MIchael Procton said...

Michael Bush is on a brand new four-year deal with the Bears. As such, the majority of your premise is totally irrelevant.