Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Player Haters' Companion - Jermichael Finley

It's August and fantasy football is upon us. Any mistakes you make in your upcoming drafts are mistakes that could haunt your season like corned beef haunts your lower GI. You've looked at the angles. You've giggled at your opponents keepers. You've fallen asleep trying to read Matthew Berry's 100 fantasy football facts - the abridged version. Everyone knows Aaron Rodgers is a winner, and no one can tell you how Ochocinco will work out so we're making it easy by picking the players we love to hate and hate to draft.

Player You Hate: Jermichael Finley

Finley is 6'5", his physique was crafted in the image of Olympians. Year in and year out he is among the top three TEs taken in your league. Yet year in and year out something keeps him from ending the season one of the top three. One year he's horribly injured, the next year Aaron Rodgers simply has TOO MANY open receivers to need him. 2011 was particularly maddening as his team racked up enormous point totals but somehow managed to keep those points off Finley's dinner plate.
In the same time frame the Patriots took two good TEs and made them BOTH better than Finley. JF is that rare, most bothersome fellow that you simply can't bench under any circumstance. So you find yourself every Monday morning repeating the phrase that'll kill your season: "I have to start him...right? I mean, he's Jermichael Finely...he's bound to come alive." And in truth he is. He's bound to explode the second you lose faith in him and introduce him to your bench. A fantasy vampire, other owners long for his potential but you know that underneath it all he's sucking the life right out of your team.

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Anonymous said...

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J said...

I took Finley 2 years ago, causing a shriek of frustration from the guy picking right after me who had been targeting Finley for that spot for 2 rounds. He took Brent Celek. A few weeks into the year my #1 RB went down, and I traded Finley to the guy who wanted him, for Celek and a good RB. Two weeks later, Finley was on IR. Of course, Celek was an albatross to my roster, but that was one of those rare occasions where good fortune went my way.

I'm not sure what to make of Finley, because like you said, Green Bay has 3 people completely uncovered on every single play, or so it seems. Rodgers hardly ever needs to check down. So I'm leaning away from Finley. I hope to get one of the Patriots TEs. I'll take either one.