Thursday, August 23, 2012

Player Haters' Companion - It's a wrap

We are now 13 players deep into our first ever Player Haters' Companion, and it seems we've run out of hate. We've warned you about guys who are injury prone (Mike Vick), sub-performers (Jermichael Finley)  or suspension risks (Dez Bryant). We've offered up players we think are too old (Steven Jackson) and too ouchy (Peyton Manning) and too grouchy (Jay Cutler).

But there are a lot of guys who didn't make this list because we either don't exactly hate them (Chris Johnson) or there isn't enough tape on them (Andrew Luck) to draw a proper conclusion. But we've heard from readers about players they love to hate so we thought we'd append this list with a couple of days of players we just aren't sure we completely trust. We did four yesterday and are closing out he series today, just in time for drafting to start.

Darren Sproles - Sproles was a bright spot for so many fantasy owners last season. And he caught just 3 passes shy of the Great Gronkowski. And going low in the 2nd round doesn't sound like a bad deal unless you consider that the Saints didn't draft Mark Ingram to be the water boy. And the more time Ingram spends in that offense the better he is going to get and you can almost feel the slippage from Sproles this season. Don't get me wrong, the guy will be fine, maybe even great, but he's going to have to come down a little from last year's performance if Ingram is to really develop. We're keeping our fingers crossed he's there in the 3rd.

Julio Jones - If we were Roddy White we'd spend my whole summer watching movies where the scrappy youngster thinks he's getting a step on the wily vet only to learn the hard way that the wily vet still has a few good moves left. Roddy White went for 1,300 yds and 8 TDs last year but now the only thing anyone can talk about is Julio Jones who was really good, but maybe known a little bit more for a ridiculous pre-game grab where he jumped so high he practically came down with an air marshal. I love Julio, I just don't love him more than White. And I think there's a lot more to fear with the "sophomore slump" than there is with the "3rd year of post graduate studies slump."

Torrey Smith - We must finally admit that Anquan Boldin is no Roddy White. He's a tough guy and he's had some good years. And he may benefit from running opposite a speedster like Smith. But Smith looks like he'll be Flacco's main target. So what's the problem? The problem is that Smith's rookie season numbers look more like a NASDAQ volatility study then a reliable fantasy WR. Look at the fantasy points starting with game 3 -- 40.5, .5, 9.5, 4.5, 6.5, 15.5, 4.5, 29, 3....and on it goes. We can easily imagine the guy who picked up Smith after week 3, started him in week 4, benched him, started him, benched him, benched him, started him, benched him and finally hung himself in his garage.

Larry Fitzgerald -We just hate the Cardinals. Bottom line.


J said...

I had Sproles last year and he was definitely one of my best. He was available in the 4th round of my draft and I grabbed him. I don't think Ingram is going to take touches away from Sproles; he's going to take touches away from Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory. Sproles makes his money when they get him the ball in space on screen passes. Ingram isn't going to be put in that role. He will make his money running between the tackles. Ingram will get all the 2-yard TD runs, and Sproles will continue scoring TDs taking screen passes at the 10 yard line.

And why the Cardinal hate? I suggest directing hatred toward relevant teams that have earned it. The New Orleans Satans come to mind...

J said...

One more thought: I hate July Jones and Mark Ingram with a fiery, burning passion. Why? They both went to Alabama (I'm an Auburn guy), and they now play for Panthers division rivals. May they both die very slow, agonizing, painful deaths one day.