Thursday, August 9, 2012

NFC West - A Country for Old Men

First Randy Moss finds new life and perhaps fresh legs in San Francisco, and it seems that Terrell Owens -- he of the blazing smile, locker-room sit ups and multiple surgeries -- has now found a bunch of suckers Seahawks to let him into their roost.

There's a scene in Tombstone in which a wheezing Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday explains that he's moved out west to find relief from his tuberculosis. Then he killed a bunch of dudes before succumbing to the disease.

And now it is the recuperative airs of the west coast that has called two wily vets who's time may have come and gone. And like Wyatt Earp relied on Doc to have a magnificent last act, so too are fantasy owners pushing some chips onto the table that coaches Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco and Pete Carroll in Seattle are able to rekindle the embers of these two Hall-of-Fame-bait receivers.

And while the 49ers have upgraded the offense across the board and considering the ferocity of it's defense probably won't need to be in the middle of too many shootouts - dreams of the 2007 Moss may be enough of an enticement for some gamblers to jump in and take Moss high in the 9th round, ahead of some perennial question mark guys like Darrius Heyward-Bey and Santonio Holmes.

For T.O., whose open contract and late arrival in Seattle leave room for questions about whether or not he'll make the team, there is a lot less certainty. He's still a big guy, and apparently faster than ever before. But unlike Moss the question for T.O. has always been: Can he hold on the ball? In 2010 in Cincinnati he was the 8th most targeted receiver in the league with 139 balls thrown at him, but only 17th on the reception list with 72 grabs. To be fair he had 9 TDs, and almost 1,000 yds receiving, which is nothing to sniffle at. And the Seahawks promise to be down a lot this season and therefore quite amenable to throwing the football.


Anonymous said...

dude youve got a fn bone stickin out of your arm

J said...

As long as you're throwing out Tombstone quotes, why not use another one that applies to Moss & Owens? That would be when Doc first got sick and his wife insisted she was the angel that would take care of him. Doc said, "Then again, you could be the Antichrist."

That's how I feel about these two. Maybe they hit it big, maybe they both wash out. I'm not buying until round 12 at least.

Anonymous said...

The 9ers and Seachickens are both 'hurting' for help at WR. As a fan of another NFCW team that has all kinds of problems at QB, but few at WR, I can say that I'm cheering for each of these two to bring back moments we all remember from their past.

I look for TO to have the greater potential to impact the team, because the Seachickens will likely need to play catchup often. I don't anticipate that he'll be doing situps in the parking lot or telling everyone to have their popcorn ready. I do anticipate that he will reach a point when he's inclined to unleash on the O coordinator and/or QB. In my opinion he will have a hard time playing 2nd fiddle to Sidney Rice. Be ready Charlotte...that could happen week 5.

As for Moss I believe that he's got the most to offer. SF has no one that can be trusted at the WR position. Even if he doesn't produce great numbers on the field he can help some of the young guys - like Crabtree - gain a better understanding of what it means to be a pro. How's he do that? He has to act as though he's still in NE and prepare and perform like a pro. And if all else fails at least he's able to reinforce his pile of 'Straight Cash, Homey'! He'll have a chance to play against 2 of the 3 teams he played for last season. Motivation?