Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fantasy Trend: Injured running backs' knees are all good to go

Adrian Peterson surprised everyone Wednesday when he announced he'd been cleared to play as early as preseason games after suffering a season ending knee injury last December.

Not to be outdone KC Chiefs' stud Jamaal Charles told the Kansas City Star that he's got his "mojo back."

Of course Charles' recovery is much more reasonable to believe considering it happened in Week 2 and not in Week 16, as Peterson's did. And while we assume the return of his Mojo means his knee is all healed up  it might actually mean that with that soul-crusher of a coach Todd Haley out of picture Charles is ready to grind the AFC West into little pieces of well-seasoned meat, grill them up KC style and serve them to fantasy owners who are starving for Charles to show us the good stuff.

Of course the biggest fear about Charles hasn't been his knee as much as his new teammate, the rhinoceros known as Peyton Hillis, who could conceivably step into the Thomas Jones role of stealing carries from Charles. Especially near the goal line. From a practical standpoint Hillis can't take more carries from Charles than Jones did unless Charles dies in his sleep. Todd Haley was the league's greatest abuser of the two-back system in that he ran the crappier back WAY more than the good back. Like if Adrian Peterson carried the ball 45% of the time and Toby Gerhart 55%.

Romeo Crennel, however,  is not likely to be as insane a human as Todd Haley is despite what Antonio Brown would have us believe. We're buying Charles even if he does miss out on goal line stuff. That was never his meat and potatoes anyway. He's going to break off huge chunks of field, rack up yardage bonuses and score on long run outs.

Am I blinded by devotion because he's one of my keepers? Perhaps. But his 2010 season was inspirational, especially considering he had to run with tho yoke of Todd Haley around his neck.

Oh yeah - since two running backs announcing their knees are good to go doesn't make a trend, I give you the Saints' Mark Ingram. He had knee surgery in May and then took a scary hit in a scrimmage yesterday, tho CBS is reporting that he has returned to practice. So there you have it, running backs' knees are officially indestructible.

I only want what's good for you so: When the season starts you'll want to be following my ludicrous tweets @ericdedwar. I've never tried to stay live on the games, but this season I'm going to give it a shot. I can't promise I'll cuss as much as Samuel L. Jackson does, but I can't promise I won't.


J said...

OK, I'm following you. I'll be the one screaming that the coach of an NFL team knows who's on my fantasy team and that destroying my fantasy team is more important to him than whether his real team wins or loses. Not that I subscribe to conspiracy theories or anything.

The hardest part about evaluating these players is looking past the preseason games. I wonder how many people remember that at the end of last year's preseason, Cam Newton looked no better than Bubby Brister.

ericdedwar said...

Preseason is actually worse than information neutral. It's deceptive. I think the only thing it's good for is to showcase a previously-injured athlete's health. If it was any indicator at all Brandon Jacobs would be the best RB of all time.

Anonymous said...

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