Monday, August 13, 2012

Fantasy Ode to OchoCinco - with apologies to Barry Manilow, and anyone else who reads this.

(Sung to Mandy)

We remember the Cincy days,
We thought your name would never change
Touchdowns everywhere
Gold smiles without a care
O you came and you gave without taking
But your condoms remained,
Your wife found the receipt
Maybe punched you in your teeth,
Now the cops took you downtown
Gold smile is now a frown,
Dolphins have kicked you to the curb
Little chance you can find work,
And your fantasy owners are mourning
They know you were never boring


J said...

There are a few Manilow songs I enjoy, though Mandy is not one of them. Nevertheless, that was pretty clever.

Read something somewhere about Chad saying he intended to start acting in porn films when his football career was over. He is just stupid enough to tell his wife and expect her to be OK with it.

The Owners said...

couldn't pass it up. Him in porn might be enough to shut down the industry.

Anonymous said...

One attention hound married to another attention hound. That's gotta work.

The Owners said...

All fun aside, I think the dolphins should have waited longer than an egg timer to cut Cinco. He's always been a little wacky but I can't recall actual violence.