Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best case scenario

The Detroit Lions are reporting that running back Javhid Best (brain) is not considered a day-to-day prospect but rather a week-to-week prospect to get on the field. But what is bad news for Best is good news for fantasy owners who have been seeking clarity. With Best sidelined for at least the short term, drafting Kevin Smith is a lot safer of a prospect then it was a day ago, especially with Mikel Leshoure serving a two-game suspension. Those three guys have been bunched up in the 8th and 9th rounds, so none of them rate much higher than a RB3, but still, those thinking about gambling on Best in the 7th maybe are rethinking that move.

We will fondly recall Jahvid Best as the speedy, durable, agile RB who torched the Bears for 163 rushing yards, a TD, and he probably made out with Jay Cutler's sister after the game just last October. We will also recall  the very next week (6) against the 49ers when Best got knocked out of the game with a  concussion and missed the rest of the season.  Best's lack of the ability to retain total consciousness throughout a football game is a serious concern for Fantasy owners who can't afford to draft guys who are one good sneeze away from retirement.

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