Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Adrian Peterson taunts fantasy owners with talks of preseason play

Peterson rubs 'tussin on knee, good to go for preseason

Last Christmas Eve as you were hanging the stockings by the chimney with care, Adrian Peterson was in Washington D.C. tearing every ligament in that magnificent knee of his. He's been pretty much written off as a first rounder this year by most fantasy owners, because, you know, a knee is one of the crucial parts of any good running game. Get right down to it and 8 months doesn't seem like enough time to be tagging back in. But here we are with the preseason around the corner and AP gets on talk radio and tells fantasy owners they'd be crazy to not draft him in the 1st round.
1) Why you gotta do that bro? You were a nice 2nd/3rd round pic who wasn't going to play until October. Now you're off the PUP list and you're like forbidden fruit. Purple forbidden fruit.

2) It was really only a matter of time before fantasy draft positions would get to these guys' egos and we'd start to see some chatter aimed at throwing off the curve. 

3) Right now he's rated behind Darren Sproles and Trent Richardson. Richardson is a rookie who you may or may not remember will be playing for the Browns. If this report is legit than AP's got to move up a minimum of 6 RB slots and well into the first round. The good news is that since he's been activated we should actually get to see the goods before we buy them - unlike Arian Foster's hammy and Manning's neck last year.


J said...

I find it side-splitting hilarious that pro football players are rushing rehab and trying to get on the field too early because they are worried about what fantasy football players think of them.

It's one thing to rush back because you feel you need to prove yourself to your teammates who are doubting your dedication. It's another (pathetic) thing entirely to rush back because you are afraid that a bunch of nobodies in a living room in Charlotte or Butte, Montana might think Trent Richardson is a better fantasy football play than you.

I will be thinking about this on my draft day when, thanks to my league's extremely unique scoring system, our first round will be comprised of Ray Rice, Calvin Johnson and 10 quarterbacks. The others will be wondering what I'm chuckling about...