Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So Peyton Hillis, how's that Madden curse holding up?

Football fans in general and fantasy owners in particular are excruciatingly aware of the Madden Curse - the annual hex visited on whichever over-performing player is selected by EA to grace the cover of their annual football game.

For a quick refresher let's go through some past covers to illustrate how real this curse is.

2000 - Barry Sanders. The ultimate example of the Madden curse, he retired inexplicably before the season even started.

2001 - Eddie George - fantasywise he was great, but his fumble in the playoffs cost the top seeded Titans their season.

2002 - Daunte Culpepper - Busted knee = career over.

2003 - Marshall Faulk - missed games with ankle injury, was never the same afterward.

2004 - Michael Vick - Broke leg, was mean to dogs.

2005 - Ray Lewis - Not a total bust here, he managed to make it through the whole year without killing anyone, but he did go the whole year without an interception for the first time in his career.

2006 - Donovan McNabb - Missed 7 games with a hernia.

2007 - Shaun Alexander - Broke foot, disappeared into a giant black hole never to be heard from again.

2008 - Vince Young - Technically he was fine in 08, made the playoffs and everything, but he's been a very public trainwreck ever since. Dream team indeed.

2009 - Brett Favre - traded to the Jets, spent the last 5 games of the season being sub-horrible. Though it didn't get publicly exposed until later this was the year he privately exposed himself to Jets employee Jenn Sterger. Not that there's anything wrong with that...wait...yes, there is something super wrong with that.

2010 - Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald - Troy missed a bunch of games with an injury and while Fitz put up good numbers they were a shadow of what he produced the season before.

2011 - Drew Brees - Again, good season but nothing like a reprise of his SuperBowl winning season the year before.

2012 - Peyton Hillis - It's a little early to be definitive but last season he was the 3rd most productive back, so far this season he ranks somewhere behind Jonathan Stewart and has struggled with a nasty case of strep throat that is calling into question his manhood.

So just in case this curse holds up I'd like to thank the fine folks at EA in advance for leaving the 49ers and any of my potential keepers alone in 2012-13.


Anonymous said...

Hahah! Love the Ray Lewis killing anyone reference!

Anonymous said...

Cut him some slack, Hillis will do fine. And he was out 1 game with strep. Don't exaggerate.

Anonymous said...

He should have never been on the cover in the first place. He wore down in the last third of the season and was on a losing team. The decision was between Hillis and Mike Vick. I wonder why he got it?

The Masked CE said...

Guys, you all write for the paper/blog that covers the Carolina Panthers and they're right in your backyard. Surely you can spell Jonathan Stewart's name correctly.

J said...

Ah, yes, the curse. The year he was on the cover, I took Marshall Faulk with the top pick in my league draft (that was our first year) when everyone expected me to take Ricky Williams. In addition to the ankle, he had a broken hand that year. My third-round pick that year was Jerry Porter, who came up with a hernia after game one. My 5th-round pick was Donald Driver, who landed on his head catching a pass in week 2 and was out a month. That was a great year, huh?

As a Panthers fan, I want a mini-photo of the entire Falcons, Saints and Bucs rosters on the '13 version of the game.

Anonymous said...

First of all he's with CLEVELAND. When was the last time they had a good season?

Second, this is the NFL. People get injured all the time, it's not because they are on the cover of some game or magazine.

Anonymous said...

Do not even THINK of placing Megatron on the cover of next year's Madden!

Do us all a favor and place Aaron Rodgers on the next Madden Edition.


The Owners said...

As the Charlotte blogger who definitely cannot correctly spell the names of all the Panthers' players I'd like to ask the makers of Madden 12/13 to keep their mitts of Kam Nooten. Last thing the Panthers need is another cursed QB. Is there any doubt that Delhomme was under a Voodoo curse which allowed him to maintain a professional career for the better part of a decade but also forced him to throw interceptions like there was a bonus for it? He was from Louisiana, after all.

Anonymous said...

These are the worst comparisons ever. Some are there just to get a chuckle, and most are a stretch at best. Aside from a handful of injuries, Madden cover athletes are at the peak (meaning down is the only place they can go). Maybe you should just look at the list of all injured players and realize that any starting player will have some type of injury.

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