Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jon Gruden Loves Tim Tebow's grit. I know. Weird.

John Gruden loves quarterbacks almost as much as he loves hyperbole. Almost.
And when he can get them both in the same room watch out.
So when Gruden gets on Mike & Mike in the Morning to talk up young Tebow you just know you are going to hear platitudes of the highest order aimed at a guy whose coaches figure ought to sit somewhere behind Brady Quinn on the talent scale.
"Tebow has proved to a lot of people that he’s a premier competitor, he’s a great game day clutch, hard-nosed football player," Gruden says. Given more time the MNF anaylst would surely have made a favorable comparison between Tebow and Chuck Norris. But with the clock ticking he merely suggested that the Broncos need to revamp their entire offense to make it fit Tebow. More to the point he thinks John Fox needs to institute the spread.
"You accomodate your quarterback if you are going to take him in the first round. (Tebow) belongs in a spread attack."

Around these parts we've seen a lot of John Fox football and to say that a run-the-ball-down-your-throat approach to offense is his style is an understatement. Fox made due with Jake Delhomme for 6 seasons largely because he wanted a by the numbers guy who wouldn't screw up his run game too much. Since the spread offense is built primarily around a cadre of talented receivers (which the Broncos do not possess) and uses the ever present threat of the pass to open the doors for the run, it's fair to say this approach is not the first one Fox thinks about when he game plans.

The best part about this kind of pronouncement is that it sets Tebow up as a premier QB but only if you can get the rest of the offense to fall in line around him, and when it doesn't work out it will be Fox's fault that he couldn't run the right system rather than being Tebow's fault for not being talented enough a QB to be an accurate drop back passer.

It was suggested yesterday by a commenter that not possessing Tebow was a risk he was unwilling to take considering his numbers as a starter last season, going so far as to make favorable comparisons between Tebow and Michael Vick and Cam Newton. Of course while I tend to believe in Vick's ability I began this season selling the heck out of Cam and that didn't really work out for me. And maybe giving Tebow the reins will work out for fantasy owners. I personally see many, many interceptions and not that many passing touchdowns as the outcome, also I don't much care for Gruden so when he says buy I generally sell.

But the way the Cosmos tends to work is to punish me for making fun of people so Tebow will probably throw for 600 yards the next time they play. Stupid Cosmos.


J said...

Worry thyself not. No QB coached by Fox will EVER throw for 600 yards. EVER. What's going to happen is that Fox is going to try to shoehorn Tebow into his antiquated game plan, and when he fails miserably he can wash his hands of Tebow.

John Fox is hopelessly trapped in 1965. He agrees with Lombardi that 3 things can happen when you throw, and 2 of them are bad, so he doesn't want his QBs to throw. I am saddened to hear his crap philosophy has crept into the blatherings of TV color commentators, who are now beginning to spout that "a punt is not a bad thing" nonsense.

Having been a Raiders fan the first 25 years of my life before the Panthers were born, I still have much hatred for all things Broncos. I find so much delight that the Broncos are now stuck with this know-nothing-about-the-21st-century baffoon for a coach.

The Owners said...

Personally I find the Broncos unhatable they way I find wounded lambs unhatable. The Broncos are as innocuous an assembly as there ever has been, completely lacking both personality and talent. Of course if you have a history I respect that it's hard not to enjoy their wallowing.

I agree completely that Fox is trapped in a distant past, but then again look what happened every time he took the handcuffs off Delhomme. Jake could easily have shown Lombardi that there are way more things than two things that can go wrong when passing the ball. Let's face it, when it came to horrible turnovers Delhomme was an artist, an abyssmal stat book his canvas, the Arizona playoff loss his masterpiece.

Check me if I'm wrong here, but there are essentially 3 or 4 NFL teams that seem to utilize a spread philosophy with some success (New England, Green Bay, New Orleans and I'm throwing San Diego in there)and of those 4 QBs only one is noted for his mobility and "play making" and all 4 are remarkable for being extraordinarily accurate passers.

So it's not that the system won't work in the pros, it's just that it won't work in the pros without guys of that caliber running the offense. And Tebow is not of that caliber.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your assessment on the lack of talented receivers. Eddie Royal as well as Brandon Lloyd (caught a one handed grab while tapping both feet down for a freaking amazing catch) are both really great receivers. They also have some young receivers that are coming along as well. They just haven't had a great quarterback to get them the ball thus their numbers are less than stellar. Sounds familiar doesn't it???

The Owners said...

Honestly I've never been real high on Lloyd, but then again I'm completely enamoured of Boldin so, you know, I have my blind spots.
IN fact at my first ever auction draft this season I was in the process of bidding up Brandon Lloyd to a guy who I just knew was dying to have him. It was getting into the second half of the draft and so at $12 I let the other guy have him (I was really just trying to get as much money off the table as possible). Only right after the guy outbid me he counted his money and realized he didn't have enough cash to cover his bid so by default I ended up owning Lloyd. Absolute biggest bummer of an awesome draft. The guys said we could do it over since technically you aren't supposed to bid what you can't afford, but since it's my first year in the group I didn't want to look like a huge nancy. So I sucked it up. And let's face it, Lloyd has taken a huge deuce all over my squad so far this year.
Which, by the way, Lloyd was doing just fine with Orton last year. Why all the sudden can't they get on the same page this year? Until Monday morning I had Orton as Romo's backup based on his numbers last year. Obviously this Tebow thing has completely ruined Orton for Denver. Not that I blame him, I've got 10 guys a month tell me how horrible I am so I know it bugs you a little to even be slightly disliked, imagine if 45,000 fans a week were calling for your head in favor of a guy who may or may not be as good as Brady Quinn? That's like if 75% of the readers of this blog demanded I be replaced by Kevin Federline...I'd be very upset.