Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jahvid Best and Jerome Harrison both have brain troubles

Jahvid Best, according to, has been cooling his heels this week due to a blow to the head on Sunday which resulted in a concussion. Best has apparently been told that he might need to sit out THE REST OF THE SEASON since this is his second concussion this year and he has a pretty bad history of head traumas dating back to his college years at Cal where he was forced to sit out the last 4 games of '09 because of a concussion.

This is bad news for the Lions who already have tried and failed to shore up their running game by trading for Ronnie Brown in move that was ultimately voided because....

Guess what? Best's concussion is not the biggest head-related story out of Detroit. FOXSports is reporting that the reason the Ronnie Brown for Jerome Harrison (pictured) trade fell through was because during the routine trade physical of Harrison, doctors turned up a BRAIN TUMOR. That's right, Jerome Harrison has a brain tumor that seems to have been discovered because he was in the process of being traded. Which is to say, if he'd been having an outstanding year this might not have come up and who knows what his prognosis would have been. Though his prognosis has not been reported the hope is that they caught the tumor early enough that Harrison will be able to get through this. We at the Owner's Manual may seem heartless but we are sensitive to a few things and brain tumors are one of them.

Suffice it to say none of this is good news for the Lions, and a little closer to home none of this is good for the owners of Jahvid Best. While I personally didn't have any ownership stake in Best, I have made certain that I have an ownership stake in Maurice Morris, his backup, especially since the trade deadline has passed so any upgrades will have to be done in the form of waiver pick ups or retired Bengals - Is Ickey Woods in shape?

So best wishes to Best and Harrison hopefully they will soon be on the mend, and good luck to Morris who I may start as early as this week.


Anonymous said...

As a lions fan we are going to miss Best and I hope he sits out for a few games if not the season just to get healthy..We've got MO and we are working out Laurence Maroney but Stafford is the key..our primary weapon is our passing game..Go Lions..we'll see the Panthers next month and Nick Fairly cant wait to get his hands on his old teammate."This aint Auburn"

Anonymous said...

Oh look... suddenly there is a Lions fan.

Anonymous said...

Ha, yeah... now they are coming out of the woodwork I guess, just like Saints fans a few years ago.

You guys just worry about maybe putting a decent show on for Thanksgiving for once!!! Maybe this year I can wait till after Dinner for a nap instead of from 12-3 like most years on Turkey Day.