Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Isn't Cedric Benson suspended yet?

Did you run out and grab Cincinnati's no. 2 RB Bernard Scott a few weeks ago when it sounded like Roger Goodell was going to drop the whole hammer on Benson for partaking in a little too much illegal revelry during the off season? I did. And there he sits, gathering dust at the bottom of at least three of my rosters yet every time I look up I see Cedric Benson roaming around the backfield in a decidedly unsuspended state.

How does this happen? Three weeks ago his suspension was imminent. Two weeks ago, the same. Now today I'm reading on Rotoworld that someone with the NLRB says the suspension may take another 3-4 weeks to work itself out.

Considering the Bengals have a bye week coming up it's starting to sound like hanging on to Scott for future use is about as practical as picking up Peyton Manning on the off chance Irsay isn't trying to win the Andrew Luck lottery.


J said...

I'm glad I steered clear of this mess. With everyone going to RB by committee all over the place, I had set in my mind going into draft day that I could make RB my third priority behind QB and WR (the yardage and # of catches bonuses my league hands out make that call even easier). There aren't that many teams that rely on only 1 back anymore.

I'm feeling very good about my RB stable of part-timers Ryan Matthews, Darren Sproles and Willis McGahee (who, by the way, I got in the 15th round - the best example of a blind squirrel finding a nut of the year). And if, God forbid, Curtis Painter continues to act like he can play, maybe I can get some use out of Joseph Addai as well.