Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Favre, Now TO...who's next?

The NFL is a helluva a drug. No one can seem to quit it for too long.
On Tuesday Brett Favre basically told the world that he would have won another SuperBowl if only Green Bay hadn't shafted him for Rodgers.

Then Wednesday, TO, in an interview with the always cautious Stephen A, mentioned casually that he went to Korea for a little stem cell work on his 38-year-old knee.

That's right. 38-year-old knee. Stem Cells. Korea.

Throw in Summer Glau and you've got an awesome sci fi movie that 300 people will claim is a religion.

“I’m going to come back,” Owens said. Later, he said, “a month or less, I give you that.”

Don't even bother asking how many African children could be saved with just a fraction of the stem cells TO claims it took to get his knee ready for 10 minutes with Stephen A Smith. But I'm guessing the whole continent.

It's not hard to imagine though, what with a 64 hour news cycle, that at some point former pros far past their professional usefulness would become prime time ESPN stories. Let's face it, there's only so much air time you can fill with a runaway squirrel screwing up the Phillies last chance to be more relevant than Michael Vick.

Though to his credit that squirrel has more followers on Twitter than Jon Gruden has functioning brain cells.

With all the injuries this season the only thing that surprises me more than Stephen A interviewing TO is that 12 news teams aren't permanently camped out on Carson Palmer's lawn waiting for the 49ers to call. With a reported 92 mil in net worth I'm sure he has some space in his driveway. And I know his squirrels are looking for their big break.


Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be funny?

J said...

Don't waste your time on TO. He's just one of those people who genuinely believe the Earth will stop spinning on its axis if he is not the lead headline on any given day. I believe he is genuinely POed that more people are talking about Steve Jobs today than him. Loser.