Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brett Favre totally respects Aaron Rodgers. Just kidding.

On a radio show in Atlanta on Tuesday the Gunslinger was asked how it felt when Aaron Rodgers won the SuperBowl last year. How do you think he answered:

A) Aaron is a tremendous talent and I'm so excited for him and the city of Green Bay that he was able to bring a title back to that town.


D) The biggest surprise to me would be that he didn’t do it sooner. . . . [M]y last year in Green Bay prior to the first game, I made the remark that this was probably the most talented team that I’ve ever played on...

You know what I love about Favre even more than his skills as an amateur photographer? I love that as an elder statesman of the league he is able to gracefully give his replacement credit where it was obviously due. I was recently debating the general merits and resume of Favre and you know what? Underneath all those accolades and accomplishments (most of which were accomplished due to sheer longevity) is a guy who won one SuperBowl in his 5th season (1997) lost one the next season and never whiffed one again. That's a LONG time for a guy who is generally considered in the pantheon of greats.

Don't get me wrong his starts are impressive, he had to not only avoid injury but also continue to play at a high enough level to maintain a starting job. And his style of play was as fun to watch as anyone's. And even considering his private indiscretions he's on track to go down as one of the all time greats. So what's left for a legendary QB to do? Sling some poo in the direction of his former protege. What else?

It's one thing when drunk and aging former heroes diss Rex Ryan and his Jets. It's another thing altogether when you are slamming a guy you shared a locker room as recently as 3 years ago.

Nice work buddy. It must be hard to have been out of the spotlight for almost a whole year. Can someone please give this guy a job?


Mike said...

Dude, get a life! Everything Favre said IS true! Rodgers DID step into a great situation, considering the Pack went to the NFC Champ game the year before. Favre DID say that Rodgers is talented and a good football player. Maybe he's surprised they didn't win one sooner because Rodgers is that good? Give the dude a break. I know how wishy washy and consumed in himself he is, but I think MOST of that comes from a-holes like you in the media that feed off of everything and anything these guys will give you and then twist it into a million different directions. I know this is your blog but seriously, how did you get into a position to share your "thoughts" with anyone other than the family dog?

Anonymous said...

Okay,let me clarify what I just read. Brett said this was the most talented team he had played on prior to the first game of his final year. So what kept Brett from winning one that year? Must have been himself. Very sad.

J said...

I feel so blessed that the only year I ever had this narcisistic, self-serving blowhard on my fantasy team was the year he was my #2 behind Peyton Manning.

Gawd, I wish he's just shut up, put on some Wranglers and go on a fishing trip. A 20-year fishing trip.

The Owners said...

For the record - the family dog doesn't listen to a word I say.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mike. No one in the media needs to twist Brett's words to feed their own thoughts.