Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cam Newton: Waiver Warrior?

Cam Newton will be one of a handful of major waiver pickups and bench promotions today. Along with Rex Grossman, Devery Henderson, Mike Sims Walker, Redskins D and kickers, kickers, kickers.
Of course it's one thing to pick up a player and it's another thing entirely to place them in your starting lineup. So who's a worthy first teamer?

Cam Newton: Panthers fans are understandably beside themselves with the surprise performance of the rookie QB that not only gave the franchise hope at that position but also revived a dormant Steve Smith (who became the ultimate lottery ticket of the weekend). But the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers are not exactly equals. What worked against a fairly anemic Arizona D will have a tougher time against Green Bay. But there are some ups and downs to consider. Green Bay did give up a ton of yards through the air, and Steve Smith, Greg Olson and Jeremy Shockey offer Newton three great outlets to spread the offense. On the flip side it was Drew Brees who was systematically took the Saints down the field last Thursday. Very little chance Cam can duplicate that performance. outlook - I wouldn't start Cam unless my alternative was somewhere south of Matt Cassel.

Devery Henderson: Lance Moore is still a question mark and Marques Colston unquestionably has a broken shoulder. That makes Henderson WR 1. Naturally Robert Meachem and Jimmy Graham will get a ton of balls, but guess what? Brees throws a ton of balls, and after Mark Ingram's uninspiring performance last week there's no reason to think the Saints will bother keeping the ball on the ground. outlook - easy WR2 or flex depending on the format.

Mike Sims-Walker: With the entire Rams offense getting injured on Sunday MSW is basically the last man standing. outlook - Sounds like Sam Bradford will play, but that's probably not enough to make Walker a starter on your squad unless your fantasy team is as injured as the Rams are, in which case you might want to throw in the flag.

Rex Grossman: The Redskins QB has had one of the most justly maligned careers of any player who has somehow managed to stay employed for nearly a decade. A decade of Grossman. How? The guy has had exactly one good year and that success was built largely on the team's defensive prowess. The 2011 Redskins D was surprising but not '06 Bears surprising. Of course the Skins get the aforementioned Cardinals this weekend, so maybe Rex has another big day in him. outlook: Unless you have a top 6 qb he's a good option to start.

Redskins D: Speaking of the surprising skins D, should you start them against the cardinals? Well, let's put that win against the Giants in perspective, the Giants are awful. Eli needs to be benched like a donkey. And Arizona may have a flaccid D that allowed the Panthers to throw all over them, but Kevin Kolb, Larry Fitzgerald and Beanie Wells will put up some points. outlook: keep them on the bench until they shut down someone decent.

Obviously there are many other players out there getting snapped up in a hurry, Arizona WR Early Ducet and Packer Randall Cobb. They may be worth grabbing but wait until they repeat their performances unless you have massive holes to fill.


MichaelProcton said...

Jermaine Gresham is going to be a consistently productive outlet this year for Andy Dalton and the Bengals' short passing game.