Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shutdown Corner - The Revis Effect

Fantasy football can be exactly as hard as you make it. I know a guy who set his lineup in week 1, forgot his password and just rolled with the punches. Not a good way to win a SuperBowl, but an illustration of the minimalistic approach.

On the other end of the spectrum are the guys who check weather reports, injury updates for opposing defenses and, of course, what corners will be facing their receivers on a given week.

After Torry Smith's breakout performance sent shockwaves through the media coverage this weekend someone raised the question to Jets coach Rex Ryan: How are you going to handle this rookie next week?

This is a significant question because the Jets have Darrelle Revis on the roster - the gold standard of shutdown corners and the coiner of the phrase "Revis Island," as a descriptor of where he places those he covers. On an island. Presumably a lonely one into which balls will not be thrown.

Ryan, not one to shy away from bold statements claimed the rookie would not have that sort of success against his defense. But he also has pointed out that Revis would likely not be covering Torry Smith, instead focusing his talents on removing Anquan Boldin from the game. This is an important consideration. With Antonio Cromartie banged up and questionable for Sunday it would appear that one of the Raven's receivers will have a productive day while the other hangs out with Revis on his Island.

From this standpoint while Revis can only take out one receiver in an actual game of football he can potentially take a whole receiving corps out of a fantasy lineup. Since we can't be sure who Revis will cover, we can safely start neither Smith nor Boldin.

The odds are very good that Revis will cover the veteran Boldin, but if Smith starts going gangbusters again you might easily see a switch which could open the field up for Anquan. But is it worth the gamble? Unless y0u have no other options at wide receiver or you are certain to be in the type of shootout which a average score is exactly the same as a crappy score, then I'd keep your Raven receivers on the bench. Of course wiping those guys off the slate will result in a lot more carries for Ray Rice, so if you are one of the lucky Rice owners - cheers.


Anonymous said...

This guy is a bad man on the field of football. Revis is truly a shutdown Corner Back...The Jets have the X-FACTOR, in Revis!!!

Anonymous said...

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