Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meditations on a 76 point game

Can you see Heisman winner Mark Ingram in this pile? I sure can't. Nor did he make much of an impression on my tote board. While his teammate and presumed has-been , Pierre Thomas, wasn't much of a statistical improvement he at least appeared aware that the optimum direction for the ball to move is forward and that the guys wearing the other colors were fundamentally opposed to making such movement easy. A concept clearly lost on Ingram.
I have a well-documented tendency to bail on a player the first possible moment he disappoints. And I'll perhaps employ a fraction more patience with this particular pick, but watching this game served as an unmitigated reminder to anyone with eyeballs and a television that some teams simply do not care to run the football, do not build scoring schemes around their running backs and likely only field the position because they happen to have jerseys already bearing the appropriate numbers.
In a game where defenses were unwilling to be bothered with defending, running backs came off as useless appendages whose main purpose was to run the clock. So yeah, I'm regretting this move a little. The NFL is an airborne league, it's foolish to draft a landlocked player. We'll see what happens as the weeks progress, but I'm not holding out high hopes that Ingram will be more than a small cog in anyone's wheel, fantasy or otherwise.

Other notes
>>Nice collarbone Colston. They are saying 4 weeks. But they were saying 4 weeks for Peyton until it turned into See Ya!
>> These days you have to have good quarterback to win a game. Rodgers and Brees posted scores of 30 & 34 points respectively in standard scoring leagues. You can argue that in ppr leagues there are some WR's with equally high value, but outside of that QBs are the absolute key. If you don't have one of 6 or 7 guys you are in for a long season. For the arithmatically challenged among us, that's about half your league.
>>I am in two ppr leagues and two non-ppr leagues and I have such an intense preference for the ppr (1/2 ppr really) that I have a hard time getting completely into the methodical scoring of non-pprs. I'm new to one of the leagues so the only incentive I require is the desire not to look like a boob. I've been in the other for years and every year I think the same thing: This league would be 300% better with ppr.
>>Maybe that's because I always draft good receivers.
>> Jimmy Graham anyone?
>> Here's how the kickoff rules affect the game: touchback, touchback, touchback, touchback, touchback, touchback, touchback, touchback, random back-flipping touchdown, touchback, touchback, touchback. I think you see my point.

Here's hoping your offense isn't built around Colston and Ingram. If so, things could get hairy.


Anonymous said...

Not sure of the difference between ppr and non ppr, but I had Brees as my QB and so far, I only trail the guy who had Rodgers and Jennings. I am new to this, so I am excited to participate, but fear looking stupid by week 4 or 5...

Anonymous said...

PPR = Points Per Reception.