Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maurice Jones Drew: Toddler Knees

Maurice Jones Drew, fresh off complaining about the number of touches he got this weekend (24 for 97 yards - not too shabby if you ask me) has emphatically stated that not only is his knee no longer a liability, it's better than ever, well almost ever: "It actually feels like when I was 8 years old, or when I was born, fresh out of the womb knee." Which, frankly, would make me want to bench him too. I don't know much about MJD's knees, but I've seen a newborn or two in my day and those knees wouldn't hold up to a 24 carry NFL game. And while there might be some biggish 8-year-olds out there I guarantee there isn't one that I couldn't just cream on the gridiron, no matter what kind of knees he had.

But this is all hyperbole as far as I'm concerned. His motivations are so transparent he shouldn't even bother coming up with a cover story. Everyone knows MJD is a huge fantasy baller, fancies himself something of a legend, has a talk show and everything. Obviously he's in a yardage bonus league and fell short in week one by some margin that three extra yards would have solved. Hey bud, guess what? We're all upset when our starting running backs fall 3 yards shy of our bonus. It's part of the game. You don't see me calling up Todd Haley every weekend and complaining that he might as well strap a sandwich board on Jamal Charles for all the work he's getting. He'd more useful selling concessions, probably get more fantasy points too. But that's not how the game works. There element of chance surrounds every decision we make, if you go fixing games by demanding more carries the whole system breaks down.


J said...

I have MJD in my league, and was disappointed as well in him not getting the 100 yards. But I don't think his objections were purely fantasy points-based. He went for 73 in the first half alone. Tennessee wouldn't have been able to tackle him if he had broken his leg in pregame warmups. Second half? Del Rio, for no plausable reason at all, sits him for almost the entire 3rd quarter. When you're as hot as MJD was, of course he's going to squeal about it. This was just one more example of Del Rio's severe defficiency in game-day coaching ability.