Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster are worthless

Jamaal Charles owners know pain.

They know suffering. They know how hard it is when a talent gets wasted. Above all else they know a thing our two about the Chiefs. As one of the Charles faithful I feel it important to pass along this piece of advice: Just because Jamaal was able to score fantasy points in the Kansas City offense does not mean that anyone else will.

Today there has been a mad screaming rush as people grapple to get their hands into Dexter McCluster and to a lesser degree Thomas Jones. And on the surface it makes sense - Jamaal was going to have success as the primary running back for the the Chiefs, so his replacement will also have value. I call BS.

In two games the Chiefs have amassed 1o whole points. In the same two games they have allowed 89 points to be scored on them. So what we have are the makings of a competition, a true fight to see who can land the services of Andrew Luck. In this corner we have the Kansas City Chiefs who are legitimately the most horrible football team in the league. They've lost their best offensive player (Charles) their second best offensive player (TE Tony Moeaki) and their best defender (safety Eric Berry). If only Todd Haley could get injured these other losses might not matter so much, but alas, he's reportedly in fantastic shape. Add to that the unfortunate fact that they won their division last year and therefore get to play the likes of Chicago, Pittsburgh and Green Bay on top of the rigerous task of pairing up with the AFC East this year (New England, Jets, Buffalo and Miami). Nevermind Oakland and San Diego twice a pop.

The Chiefs are in for a seriously long season, the likes of which hard-ass player hating coaches like Todd Haley get shivved in the locker room 5 minutes after the team completely gices up on him. He'll be lucky to have a job next year.

As far as I'm concerned the game of the year will happen at 1 p.m. Sunday Oct. 9th in Indianapolis when the Chiefs come to town and the two teams with the best chances of landing Andrew Luck face off to determine who is the leasat pretty of them all.

So the answer is NO. Thomas Jones will not be a useful addition to your team. Neither will McCluster. They are two very average rats on a very below average sinking ship. To rush in to acquire their services is akin to getting a blood transfusion from a guy with leukemia just because he doesn't have full blown AIDS. There's a lot of perfectly usable blood out there, don't settle for the tainted stuff.


Anonymous said...

McCluster qualifies as a WR/RB in Yahoo. In a PPR league or a returns one, he's worth a good bit. In a deep league, he's worth a flyer. Jones... just looks used up.

The Owners said...

versatility is nice. But 50 percent of crap is still crap. Ah, maybe I'm being to harsh. I do think there are better options tho.

Gimbel said...

Meoaki was not their second best offensive threat. That's just plain fiction. Ever heard of a guy mamboed Dwayne Bowe? You really think meoaki was owned in more leagues?

gomez said...

whomever wrote this story, if you would PROOFREAD as hard as you critique these 2 rb's, you might be half way decent...