Thursday, September 22, 2011

Arian Foster on Ben Tate

This from
" We're fully expecting Ben Tate to start and carry the load Sunday." - Arian Foster "I want to be out there with my team, but this team is looking to advance further than we have before. I want to make sure I'm healthy for the right stretch."

So there you have it. Foster is going to stay on the sidelines until his hammy heals or Ben Tate straight up takes his starting spot.
This comes as a surprise to no one. Arian's got a new book arriving soon from Amazon and he's itching to read about the travels of Paulo Cuelho. Everyone knows the best day to lounge around and read is Sunday. He'd probably play if the game were at a more convenient time. He's got yoga on Monday so that's out. Tuesdays are wide open though, any way we can make that work?


J said...

I like your honesty. You are quite bitter about wasting a draft pick on Foster and aren't ashamed to show it. I understand. I'm starting to feel the same way about Schaub. Every quarterback in the NFL, CFL, UFL and NCAA has thrown for 300 yards except Schaub. My league hands out generous bonus points for yardage. One more 195-yard passing game from Schaub and I'm going to start playing Kevin Kolb.