Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where's the love for Boldin?

Just kidding. I totally get it. But allow me to esplain. No?

I've been getting ripped in the comments for taking Anquan Boldin in the 2nd round (with pick number 17). And I will absolutely agree that this was a reach, I'd like to set the table a little. One of the owners in this league (a gentleman who also follows this blog) pointed out, in a keeper league you have to take draft position with a grain of salt. When I took Boldin at 17, 40 players were already off the board by the time you calculate in keepers. Many of those keepers are top 30 picks thus leaving the talent pool somewhat weakened before the draft even starts.

So there I am, I own Jamaal Charles, the next best running back that I would have taken (Legarrette Blount) just went two spaces before me and I happen to need a WR pretty badly, and I happen to think VERY highly of Boldin, so I take him. lord knows he won't be there when I pick again with the 32nd pick. Literally zero chance.

Now, I'll give you doubters a little leverage here because in the end it was a personal preference pick. I could have taken Reggie Wayne, Brandon Marshall or Desean (BTW, all those guys were off the board in the next 6 picks). But I think Reggie is getting older and I don't trust Manning as much as I used to. I think the Marshall argument can be made but I think he's shaky, you know, in his melon. So there I am, Desean or Boldin? Well, I've already got Vick on my team and I don't trust him or the Eagles 100%. So I really don't want to get too heavily invested so I go with Boldin. And here's the thing, Boldin is probably the toughest man in football. He's strong and he never, ever gives up on a play. I've always said that the year he and Fitz took the Cards to the Superbowl he was actually outproducing Fitzgerald until, if you recall, he got his face broken into a thousand pieces. His X-Rays were so full of metal they got confused with Barbaro's. But damn if three weeks later he's not back in the game running across the middle, taking end arounds, basically participating in insane behavior for a man whose face has just recently been crushed. From there on out it was pretty much the Fitzgerald show, and that's fine. But what I saw was a Boldin who would not be denied. And so he left for B'more where he started slowly, but late in the season he was a force. And a year later he knows the system and he's probably going to team up with Ray Ray to murder someone on the field. So yeah, I like Boldin a little.


George Hansen said...


You wear your jeans down around your knees too?

Anonymous said...

Ricky Ricardo, I believe.

Anonymous said...

don't let the comments shack you. If there is a player you want and you know he want be there at your next pick you take him. I am not big on Boldin but if you are you made the right choice.

Anonymous said...

I love me some Boldin! Like you, I'm in a keeper league (deep keeper - 20 team, 27 players - keep 15 each year). I have a guy offering me Boldin for Amendola. Problem is, we get points for PR/KR as well. SO, is the upside going to be Amendola with the potential of 800 yards and 5/6 TDs along with his 1000plus PR/KR and maybe 1/2 return TDs; versus a Boldin that now has Evans and Smith to take some pressure off? What do you think guru?