Friday, October 29, 2010

Who is the better pick-up: San Francisco QB Troy Smith or Minnesota QB Tavaris Jackson?

Eric Edwards: Troy Smith.
It is widely accepted that Alex Smith is a horrible quarterback so the bar is not very high for Smith to take that starting job and keep it. The 49ers have been abysmal, but the weapons are there with Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis. A QB with a running style might be able to buy himself enough time to get the ball downfield. I think Tavaris is the better player, but there’ll be too much pressure to start Brett Favre when he’s even remotely healthy.

R. Trentham Roberts: Tavaris Jackson.
One not-all-that-unlikely scenario: Vikings’ season keeps going south, management takes a deep breath and decides one more year for Favre was one too many, gives Jackson one last test drive. Adrian Peterson and Vincent Shiancoe benefit, Percy Harvin and Randy Moss do not. Nobody’s happy.

Reid Creager: Tavaris Jackson.
I figure you'll have a better chance of reading this if I invoke The Jenn Sterger Factor. (who apparently has been targeted by Brett Favre more than Donald Driver ever was) --ed. note insert rimshot sound here. If Sterger talks to the NFL, it increases the chances that Favre gets a suspension on top of the ankle thing and the crummy playing thing. Enter Jackson. (Did you know that if you Google "Jenn," Sterger is the second name that comes up despite all the famous Jennifers out there? Talk about your 15 minutes.) But I digress. For most guys, Sterger would be the better pick-up every time.

Trevor Freeze: Jon Kitna.
I know, he's not one of the options, but there are flaws in both Smith (anemic offense) and Jackson (suspect arm, Brett Favre will play even in a wheel chair) that would make me hesitate rostering either unless it's a 16-team-plus league or one that starts two QBs. Meanwhile, Kitna takes over a dynamic passing attack (Austin, Williams, Bryant, Witten), posted back-to-back 4,000-yard seasons in Detroit and as Roy Williams says "is just as good" as Tony Romo. Even if he's been around since the '80s.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can a team be too good?

In the wake of a week where bench blowups were the norm, it occurred to me that there is such a thing as too many options. Most teams have 16-17 roster spaces available, of which they will play 8 0r 9 guys. Obviously you need your bench and you want it to be strong for purposes of trading leverage, bye weeks and the occasional clavicle injury.
I think you want to have consistently reliable guys who haul in between 12 and 20 a week. Kenny Britt was a superstar last weekend, but throughout the season he's posted weeks of 7, 9, 9, 16, 10 then whammo! 55. So what do you do with him? If you have bye week and you need to fill a spot , sure he's your guy. But let's say you have been starting Santana Moss (10, 13, 23, 18, 11, 14) or NY Steve Smith (6, 5, 18, 5, 17, 10, 24). Do you sit one of those guys to go chasing the dream with Kenny Britt? I don't know.
I think we can all kind of agree that there are some unbenchable WRs out there -- Roddy, Hakeem, Andre J, Brandon Marshall to name a few. Randy Moss was on that list; Reggie Wayne probably still is. But what about when you are deciding between Brandon Lloyd (having an excellent season but has had a couple of slowish weeks) and Britt? or T.O and Britt?
This situation is not confined to receivers, but it is more prevalent among them because there are more spikes in receiver play than RB play.
The worst thing you can do is have three guys you are dying to start based on some outlier weeks. You end up playing fantasy roulette with Britt, Malcolm Lloyd and Roy Williams and run the risk of keeping the big weeks on your bench. Better to know that you have two guys who are at least semi must starts and just let them do their thing unless you are afraid they are running into a shutdown corner, or they get injured. Give me Anquan Boldin and Mike Wallace. Some big weeks, some small weeks but all in all not a lot of surprises.
Of course I say that as I start DeSean Jackson every week that he isn't recuperating from an atomic moonsault and his numbers have been wildly erratic. Though I blame his situation on Andy Reid's QB shuffle.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Hangover - Week 7

That scream. Where is it coming from? It's hard to say.

>>Is it coming from the direction of the 80% of owners who had Darren McFadden on the bench this week as he unleashed his McThousand-point game? Though it also could have come from all of those Michael Bush owners out there who felt the ground fall out from under them. Any chance he sees more than 20% of the team's carries going forward? I didn't think so.

>>Is the scream coming from the 75% of owners whose bench score was ballooned by the best game of Kenny Britt's career? It could definitely be heard over the moans of all those Britt supporters who bailed on him this year after he left them out in the cold last year. It happens.

>>Could it be the screams of delight from all of those waiver wire jockeys who picked up Seattle receiver Mike Williams who looked Andre Johnsonesque, even with a Hasselbeck throwing him the ball?

>>No, I'm sure it wasn't a scream of joy. It was a scream of pain. The kind of pain that comes when your starting QB, on whose back your week rests, goes down in a crumpled heap with a Giant sitting on his shoulder. Yes. I'm sure that was the scream I heard. Oh, you say Tony Romo's probably out for the season with a broken clavicle? What's a clavicle? That doesn't sound that important. What? You say your stable of Cowboy's receivers will now rely on 38-year-old, smush-faced, Jon Kitna to drive the offense? Well now that sounds exciting. No wonder you're screaming. In fact the only potential winner here (Besides Jerry Jones' cardiologist and the owner of the doughnut shop next to Wade Phillips' house) is Jason Witten, who appears to be in prime position to take advantage of about 50 short check-downs a game. Congrats Jason!

>>Was that not interesting enough of a week for you? Perhaps you would have been happier if you were playing against Roddy White whose vitamins apparently rendered him invisible to the Bengals D.

>>Speaking of Bengals, I bet the half of the owners who had Carson Palmer on the bench were pretty excited about their bench score. Come to think of it, has there ever been a week when so many players had career days while warming the bench. Theoretically someone had a bench made up of McFadden (49 points), Britt (55 points), Palmer (51 points), Knowshon Moreno (21 points), Steve Johnson (29 points) and Lee Evans (30 points) for an estimated bench score of 235. Just sayin' none of these guys are started in a majority of leagues (technically Palmer is started by 53% of cbs leagues, but whatever) so there was a lot of hair-pulling going on as guys' coaching ratings hit the skids as they watched their benches outperform the starters.

>>Or maybe on the flip side you thought you were getting a steal when you picked up Denver's D to play against the hapless Raiders and it ended up turning into a negative-point-producing-bloodbath.

>>So what happens to all of those Romo owners, many of whom were not stockpiling an outstanding backup due to his very low incidence of injury? Well, the scramble is on and if you are the guy in your league sitting on a bunch of QBs now is the time to sell one of them for the next best guy on Romo's team. I just traded my first rounder Ray Rice for Matt Schaub, because lord knows Jon Gruden might be able to win an actual superbowl with Brad Johnson, but in the fantasy world, you aren't going to win a title with Jon Kitna (or Brad Johnson for that matter). In another league I have a co-owner who was smart enough to force us to draft (and hold on to) Matt Stafford, so I have at least a fighting chance over there.

>>So if you see a guy in your office wearing black today, it's safe to assume he just saw his fantasy season crumble before his eyes. Take a wide berth.

>>On a non-fantasy note, doesn't Dallas win that game going away with Romo in? All the talk about Romo being a loser is bunk, you can't find me one football fan who wouldn't rather have Romo under center than almost every other option short of the truly great QBs. Ask a Cowboys fan how they feel about Romo and you'll probably see a man break into tears. I can't blame them. And I'm a 49ers fan so I'm not even in the mood to feel sorry for anyone. Carry on.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is there a case for VJax or Sidney Rice?

Sidney Rice may be returning to work as early as week eight, when he will find his desk has been moved.

New reports also indicate that Vincent Jackson also will clock in and be available for the last 6 games of the year beginning with week 12.

There's a decent chance that at least one of these guys is available in your league. So let's look at them:

Sidney Rice, WR, Minnesota - The Gimp
Rice is a moving target, so it's hard to forecast his future potential. He's been joined by Randy Moss, who could easily open up the field for Rice to just tear things up. Or Moss could suck away a lot of those downfield possessions that lead to the TDs that made Rice so valuable last year.

A couple of greater concerns might be Favre's health and the Vikings record. By the time Rice gets back on the field, the Vikes could be in such a deep hole that Favre has decided to take some time off to get healthy. But since Favre has already said he doesn't want to play in meaningless games, if his getting healthy means more losses for the struggling team, then Favre's hiatus might last right up to retirement (assuming Favre is able to pass up a full season with weapons like AP, Rice, Moss, Harvin and Visanthe -- which is a big assumption -- but one that has no bearing on this season).

Of course when you look at a roster like that you have to believe Tavaris Jackson would have to be completely inept not to be able to be a productive QB.

Bottom Line: If you can get Rice off waivers, get him. If you have him and you can wait, sit on him and see what he can produce. If you need to win now, see if you can turn him into someone less valuable who is nonetheless producing points right now. I was able to package Addai and Rice to get Ryan Mathews. So far the only real winner in that trade is the guy who can dream of Rice going nuts when he gets back.

Vincent Jackson, WR, San Diego - The Contract
While the odds are good that Rice has been sitting on someone's IR, they are equally good that Jackson is available since his return has been (and kind of remains) up in the air. The only reason we think he may come back is the same self-interest that has held him out. If he misses too many more games he won't get credit for this year toward his unrestricted free agency.

So what do you do? He won't be back until week 12, and most league playoffs begin in week 14, so we're really talking about a small pool of teams that will even be able to use Jackson, assuming he doesn't come ripping out of the gates in week 1 with huge numbers to save a borderline team from missing the playoffs. The best moves (as I see it) are:
a) If you are a playoff team who wants some insurance against late-season injury or feels like some extra fuel in the tank for a late-season push would get you over the top to a championship, either pick him up or trade an overall lesser (but currently producing) player to get him.
b) If you are in need of a immediate boost, identify the teams in your league that could be looking for what I just described above, and make them an offer for a mid-tier receiver or RB.

Bottom line: Get him and trade him.

-Eric Edwards

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tuesday Hangover - Week 5

Glory. More Glory. And a steamy pile. That's how my teams performed in week 5. And that's not bad at all. Because if there is one thing week 5 is good for besides watching lots of seasoned broadcasters talk on air about Brett Favre's unit, it's for separating the wheat from the suck.
Sure no one is out of it yet, but if you were 1-3 going into week 5 and you limped away with a L. Forget it, it's not just bad luck anymore, dude, your team stinks. And I can say this as a man who owns one such team. In league no. 3, nothing has gone right and that's becuase I don't have the personnel to make it go right. Matt Schaub is usually a quality QB, but even when he's not dropping single digit games on you, he just can't be your best or even your second best player. Kinda the same with Roddy White. Love the guy, but if he's your bread and butter you're kinda soiled. Needless to say I've emotionally moved on from this travesty.
If you got to 5-0, well, you've obviously been listening to Trevor and Reid instead of me. Congratulations. Are you 4-1, sure, you're feeling pretty good, but don't get all cocky. Speaking of cocky, if you are 3-2 you're in the game but you can't lose any ground to these 2-3 guys who already feel smaller than Brett Favre on an Alaskan beach. Boo Yah.

>> The winners this week? Well let's just say I haven't seen "The Event" yet, but I know a mindbending, crap-storm when I see one and the time-travelling T.O. is one such storm. If he keeps playing like this the Cowboys may give him another contract.

>>In fact, one theme rang true this week. Guys who were great last year but haven't necessarily been great this year, got great. Romo. CJ2k, Vernon Davis, Miles Austin to name a few.

>>As a DeSean Jackson owner it is my duty to call for a hit on Kevin Kolb. Those two are in a blood fued that rivals the great fueds like Anderson Cooper and Vince Vaughn, Biggie Smalls and Tupac, Jon Gruden and logical sentences. Listening to the radio broadcast of the Eagles/Niners game in my car I stopped being surprised when every single pass was aimed at Jeremy Maclin. It started to become just a sad but unavoidable fact of life. I imagine death row inmates feel this way. Not anger anymore, just a dark unfillable void. That's how Kolb makes me feel. Pretty please Michael Vick come back.

>>Sidenote: The aforementioned car trip started earlier in the day and as my wife drove I found a live video stream of the Cowboys/Titans game on my iphone, and until we drove out of 3G land I watched that game live, on my phone, in the car, trying in vain to explain to my wife how freaking cool it was. The marvel of the moment was lost on her I'm afraid.

>>My biggest double take of the weekend came when I was scrolling down the scores and saw that Josh Scobee knocked home 5 field goals, some of which were from bonus distances, for a final fantasy score of 25 points. Never heard of such a thing. He was the highest scoring guy on a winning team.

>>Did I mention that Matt Schaub was a team killer this week? Well, he was joined by Peyton Manning (15), and Matt Ryan (12). But you probably saw that coming and started Ryan Fitzpatrick (25) so you're good.

>>Some things to keep in mind:
If the Mark Clayton injury really hurt you, don't worry, your team wasn't that good.
If you've been on the Jermichael Finley gravy-train, you're in trouble, it's hard to wean yourself off a TE who puts up nearly 20 a week.
Arian Foster does not, in fact, score 40 points a week. Who knew?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Who has been the biggest disappointment on your roster(s) so far?

Eric Edwards: Ray Rice. In a first round where I could have taken Andre Johnson, Frank Gore or Rashard Mendenhall, my decision to take Rice has put my team in the position to play a lot of catchup. Eventually he’ll have a good day, but the waiting is brutal. Also I hate Willis McGahee.

Peter St. Onge: Tom Brady. …and not just because of the hair. He hasn’t been bad, just not great, which is what I expected. And he hasn’t faced defenses that are the caliber of the defenses faced by Ray Rice, another of my disappointments. Rice will turn it around, but Brady - now without Moss? I’m not so sure.

R. Trentham Roberts: No Disappointments. I fully deserve to be 0-4. But if I had to pin down just one underachiever, I guess it would be Jerome Harrison, who is no longer with this (or any) team.

Trevor Freeze: Chris Johnson. Much like seeing an overhyped movie, the expectations for CJ are killing his perceived value. But in reality, he’s thrown up weeks of 2 and 4 points, which aren’t even Indie flick numbers. He’s barely in the top 10 so far, a couple spots behind undrafted Peyton Hillis, the frozen pizza on my team (always a little better than you expect).

Reid Creager: New York Jets D. I was expecting a takeaway bonanza, but it hasn’t happened yet – although there have been notable injuries, and the Jets are supposed to get some key pieces back this week. (By the way: Diggin’ the hair, Brady -- football is down and dirty, not preppy.)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cutler's head hurts, and so does mine

The days between the week 4 and a week 5 game have never been so eventful.

Team dynamics can easily have felt dramatic shifts of fortune as people got activated (Santonio Holmes) or traded (Randy Moss, Marshawn Lynch) or injured (Jay Cutler's head, Darren McFadden's hammy).

Personally I've had to take the good with the bad, as my Justin Forsett has started to look like a waste of space my Fred Jackson has started to look decent.

The Jay Cutler benching (due to head injury incurred from getting clubbed by the Giants) will definitely hurt some teams. Cutler had a bad week last week, but he should have been a serviceable starter against the Panthers if your starting QB had a bye week, or was Michael Vick.

Plus: remember that time you picked up Deion Branch off the waiver wires in 2006 after he had been the Super Bowl MVP the year before? And remember how much he disappointed you? The Patriots may be making it possible for you to re-live that feeling. Reports indicate that the Patriots may be poised to pick Branch up. So I guess all that unquestioned faith in Brandon Tate is starting to get slightly questioned. Not that Branch is the answer to anyone's wavering faith.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A slippery Moss changes the landscape?

There's been so much movement it's hard to say with any certainty the winners from the losers.

In most circumstances the moves involve players who already are playing or sitting on fantasy benches. But still, things will change. Here's how:

IF: Randy Moss does indeed get traded to the Vikings that obviously makes Brett Favre a must have QB. It also makes AP more valuable (if that were possible) and makes life easier for Visanthe, and The Headache Harvin.

WHEN: Marshawn Lynch starts moves to Seattle that makes Justin Forsett worth less than he already is worth (which isn't much), BUT it pumps life back into my boy Fred Jackson and everyone else's boy CJ Spiller.

So what do you do with this knowledge? Well, first take a drink, then a deep breath, then if you are in a bad place, try to trade the 2nd best (reliable) receiver and a No. 3 RB for Moss. His owners are certain to want to deal. No matter what Moss won't have Brady throwing him the ball in Minny, so actually his value goes down a touch.

Want to move on Welker? Well, that's going to cost you. He just became the big daddy in New England. If he wasn't already.

That Edelman guy who has been sitting around playing with himself when he wasn't jumping offsides probably gets in the game. So does Brandon Tate who must have impressed someone in Foxboro.

Fred Jackson hasn't started for anyone but me all year, you can get him if, maybe even on waivers.

CJ wasn't available and he definitely isn't now. Look elsewhere.

Forsett owners. Sorry. Lynch's Beast Mode just needs more than 3 touches a game and he'll probably be convicted of violating the defenses in the NFC West. Just sayin'.

Sidney Rice? Interesting. If you drafted him you are probably sitting on that waiting for comedy gold to appear. Obviously that dream would be dead. Unless for some reason he is part of the trade and he lands in New England in which case I will hang myself for trading him last week.

-Eric Edwards

Tuesday Hangover - Week 4

Into every fantasy life some bye weeks must fall. There are a variety of theories about how one should manage these. Should you draft according to bye week sprinkle them judiciously around your schedule so they are never more than a wee inconvenience? Should you manage them through a carefully crafted trade regimen that unloads your player just as his bye week approaches for a player whose bye week has already passed? Should you gane all of your bye weeks up in one knotty bunch so that you are guaranteed one solid, Leavenworth-style pounding but leaving the rest of your season unmolested?
I, for one, endorsed the Leavenworth's-style beatdown week. And boy did I get it.

To my credit I had enough unfulfilled promise on my bench that, through trades and waiver moves I was able to cobble together what could loosely be described as a team.
With Romo, Jamaal Charles, Mike Williams, Witten and the Chiefs D all collecting dust for the week, with Andre Johnson's ankle and the final week of Santonio Holmes' league mandated time out, my team was pretty much a ghost town. Manged to pick up Ryan Mathews through a trade that ridded me of Addai, picked up Blair White and the Giants D and promoted BenJarvus and Derek Anderson to starting slots.

Of course just because I started Anderson doesn't mean the Cardinals had to play him for a full half of football. Nope, just keep him in there long enough to throw two picks then bench him for a guy no one has ever heard of. When he left the game he had -2 points. NEGATIVE 2. But that is not all. Michael Vick, who I do not own, also contributed to my misery by getting hurt and forcing Kevin Kolb to play, which would be fine if Kolb had ever been introduced to the DeSean Jackson at any Phily team functions over the years. Kolb ignored one of the best receivers in the league like Jackson had dumped his sister just before game-time. If it weren't for the Giants D dumping Cutler 20 or 30 times during their Sunday night outing, I'd have a new league record for incompetence. Fortunately for me, all the other teams in my division got worked over too, so week 4 can go down in the books as a regrettable blip that actually cost me nothing but chewed up half of my bye weeks.

On to the playmakers:

Seriously, Cutler? I want to start any defense that opposes him for the rest of the season. He's either in the dirt or throwing picks. The Green Bay game was an aberration, and frankly he should have been picked three times that game. Chicago's D is staunch (the cold weather seems to have awakened Peppers right out of his three year slumber doesn't it?), and their special teams can be dangerous. But Cutler is going to treat those fans to the special kind of hell only Cutler can deliver. Sorry Bears - you're Herminated.

On the other hand Arian Foster is once again causing UT Volunteer fans fits. How come he's not fumbling? How come he's dominating defenses? No one can really be sure, but I can decide who should be more ticked off:
1) Vols fans for having to watch their former playmaker/nemesis evolve into a premiere back in the NFL
2) Jim Mora for having to watch Vick go nuts (until he got crushed in Q1 this weekend) or
3) Jim Mora for ever agreeing to talk to Doug Gottleib about his feelings on the Colin Cowherd show last week.
It's just too close to call.

Randy Moss is pretty good huh? If I hadn't fielded such a ragtag team this week, it would have been fun to watch BenJarvus outscore Randy Moss. As it turns out, when you are in a 50 point hole, the only way BenJarvusGreenEllis can dig you out is if your league gives you 2 points for each letter in his name...and he scores twice.

One of my personal favorite performances this week has to come from Kyle Orton who has been so solid up to now he's bound to be making owners make pretty hard decisions, e.g. Should I bench Matt Schaub for Kyle Orton (I'm talking to you Keith). My only hope is that Orton lures all the owners into the trap where they bench their good quarterback and start him just in time for him to turn back into Orton and post a 12 point game.

The best story out of my league this week was the guy who traded me Ryan Mathews & Darren Sproles for Addai & SRice (keeper implications here) which in itself isn't an awful trade, until he then decides to bench Addai in favor of...Laurence-two-points-Maroney. Well played, sir.

Michael Bush got on the board this week about the same time that Darren McFadden decided to tweak a hammy. McFadden's protestations to the severity of the "tweak" sound a little like a guy who is terrified of what will happen if Bush gets the start. I've loved Michael Bush from the word go - hopefully he gets a chance to step up and dominate.

Do you own T.O.? I hope you started him. I haven't been following his start %, but he seems like a guy who might have loaded up a lot of benches with points this week. Which means one thing: Start Ocho next week for sure.

Speaking of guys who filled up the bench portion of league stat-sheets: Welcome back LDT. It's like Cocoon out there. How much money will Arizona offer that codger Kurt Warner? Is $10 mil a season out of reach?

Peyton Manning is making a jerk out of me. I said all preseason that his stock was too high for a guy who takes December off. But guess what? He's not going to be able to take December off this year. Hope he didn't have any travel plans. I guess the people who took him high are pretty happy with themselves right about now. Bastards.

-Eric Edwards

Friday, October 1, 2010

You traded who?

Every season it happens dozens of times. Somebody gets raked over the coals by a horrible trade. After week 3 we put our heads together to come up with the worst trades we've seen this season:

Eric Edwards: Brandon Marshall for Brandon Jackson & Santana Moss.
Guy who proposed it must have been drunk. Brandon Marshall should not be traded for less than a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Two average guys don't equal one really good guy.
(ed note: Brandon Jackson has to go down as the biggest fantasy free-agent bust of the year. Maybe no other player has been as sought after as he was after Grant when down. Now some guy named Kuhn is taking all his carries.)

Peter St. Onge: Antonio Gates for Steve Smith (NYG).
Honestly, this isn't that lopsided. I'm just bitter the Gates owner outbid me by a buck at our draft. That said, Gates is fantasy's best tight end, and Smith isn't the top end zone option on his team. And I still don't have a legit TE.
(ed. note: If you are in a league where a TE is a must start this has to be a DEFCON 4 level bad trade. Like, malfeasance is involved. Good TE's are so hard to come by that 2/3 of fantasy teams are starting a putz and crossing their fingers - think Mercedes Lewis - and the other 1/3 wins the TE category every week. And Gates and Keller stand above the rest this year with Jermichael Finley coming in a close 3rd. Trading Gates for NYSmith is like trading Aaron Rodgers for Darren Sproles.)

R. Trentham Roberts: Philip Rivers for Dwayne Bowe.
Rivers' new owner has ridden him to a 3-0 record, while Bowe's new owner dropped him after two weeks. (Note: the person who traded away Rivers was a first-time-ever fantasy footballer; you're supposed to be treat a newbie a LITTLE better than that.)
(ed. note: After a mugging like that I bet their first season will be their last season)

Trevor Freeze: Brandon Jackson & Johnny Knox for DeSean Jackson.
At the time, I thought the owner giving up DeSean got a steal, but two miserable Brandon weeks later and the new DeSean owner (thanks to Vick) looks like the real man of genius.
Sidebar: Don't understand all the love for Knox, who's been outscored by waiver TE Greg Olsen.
(ed. note: Desean is a beast. Vick is not making DeSean as much as Kolb was going to destroy him. You cannot overvalue a guy who catches the ball at the line of scrimmage and turns it into a 30 yard touchdown. I wouldn't trade DeSean for anything less than an established, point-producing No.1 running back. I wept when I heard about this trade.)

Reid Creager: Clinton Portis for Matt Ryan.
Portis is all but done. Coach Mike Shanahan was quoted in the Washington Post after Sunday's game as saying Ryan Torain will be the first- and second-down back, with Portis on third downs. Ryan is continuing to progress well for a Falcons team that I think will win its division.
(ed. note: You've got to be able to get bang for your buck than an ancient running back in a Shanahan offense. No excuse for Ryan not picking up at least a Darren McFadden type guy.)

Share your horrible, awful, very bad trades with us. You know, the ones that made you spit out your coffee.