Friday, December 3, 2010

What late season injury is most likely to affect the playoffs?

Eric Edwards: Steve Smith, Giants. Smith coming back to the Giants offense in two weeks will give Eli Manning an option to stretch the field that he hasn't had since Smith went down with a pectoral injury. By the time Smith is back Hakeem Nicks also will have returned from his injury and the faltering Giants will have a rejuvenated offense.

R. Trentham Roberts: The Colts. I'll take the Colts for 20, Alex. Indy still has division games against Tennessee (twice) and Jacksonville, plus Dallas and Oakland. The Colts need Addai, Hart, Collie, Freeney, Brackett et al at full speed, because it's starting to become a question of not where they'll land in the playoffs, but whether they'll make the playoffs at all.

Peter St. Onge: Andre Johnson, Texans. Johnson's aggravated ankle sprain threatens to hurt not only Johnson's fantasy owners, but Arian Foster owners and those who've been stuck with Matt Schaub all year. While the Texans seemed just fine after Johnson went down Thursday night, the Eagles weren't exactly game-planning for an Andre-less offense. If he's not playing next week - or doesn't show the same explosiveness, the Texans' fantasy stars could sputter.

Reid Creager: Adrian Peterson, Vikings. Peterson's sprained ankle has to have his owners squirming, especially because the Vikings don't have much to play for in December. How quickly he comes back – and how he's used when he does – figures to be an organizational decision, given his long-term importance. It may be wise not to expect elite RB numbers from him the rest of the season.


Anonymous said...

How does injured Colts effect the Fantasy Football playoffs? Granted if you have one of them, you need a replacement, but in FF who cares if the team makes the playoffs. Several of the Buffalo Bills are FF points leaders, but they aren't making the playoffs this year.

Anonymous said...

Frank Gore, anyone? This is by far the injury most affecting the playoffs. However, apparently nobody who answered the question realized that they were writing for a fantasy football column.

pstonge said...

To Anon, 6:46:

It's not that the Gore injury isn't meaningful - especially to Gore owners. It's that the 49ers offense has so few fantasy stars, and his injury therefore doesn't impact them and fantasy owners in the same way as the others we mentioned.