Friday, November 19, 2010

Who’s the most frustrating, previously unbenchable WR this season not named Randy Moss?

Eric Edwards: Wes Welker, Patriots. On average he was the 12th WR taken in the draft, between Marques Colsten and Anquan Boldin, but his performance makes him the 35th best WR in fantasy ball this year. Hard to draft a bench player with your 3rd pick.

Peter St. Onge: Brandon Marshall, Dolphins. He has all the classic Disappointing WR attributes - instability at QB, targets dwindling, tantrumsthrown.And yet, do you bench him? Now that he’s pulled a hammy, definitely.

R. Trentham Roberts: Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals. HALF as many touchdowns as Hakeem Nicks or Dwayne Bowe. Many people spent a first-round pick on him -- they, like the Cardinals, will be looking for the next Kurt Warner for a while. A long while.

Reid Creager: Marques Colston, Saints. Look at these fantasy point totals (standard scoring) for thebestWR on one of the best offenses in the NFL: 6, 6, 2, 3, 9, 5 in Weeks 1-6. Colston had a slight re-emergence the next couple weeks (17, 13) but then regressed to 6 in Week 9 despite his team scoring 34 points in a rout of the Panthers. Plus,he’s got only two touchdown catches after having nine last year. The Saints simply have too much WR depth -- and coach Sean Payton is too inconsistent with his game planning -- for any receiver on this team to be an elite fantasy player.


Anonymous said...

I have Marshall, Welker, and Fitzgerald. Stupid automated Yahoo draft. They all stink. At least I picked up Owens (who woulda thunkit)
Needless to say I'm last in my league

J said...

Amen, Creager!! Colston is killing me. That first decent game I had finally benched him. For my money, this past week was his most productive of the year.

How sad is that when the cat you draft to be your #1 receiver's best week is his bye week?

ThatPaganiGuy said...

The Panther's Steve Smith. He's done nothing this season, but it's hard to bench him when you constantly expect him to bust open a big catch.

The Owners said...

I have no problem benching Steve Smith.