Thursday, November 4, 2010

What can Randy Moss do for you?

If you are a fantasy owner of Moss, he can certainly be the cause of seasonal IBS.
But think outside the box for a minute and you'll see that Moss is really like Santa Claus, spreading good will throughout fantasy leagues by sucking defenses off of other guys.

So in reality, while the value of owning Moss has diminished to the point of worthlessness, the value of owning the guys around Moss has never been higher. Why is that, you ask?

In my opinion Moss is at a special wounded animal level of dangerousness. He's lost a step so QBs can't rely on him to catch 10 balls a game, especially in double coverage. But he's still a beast in single coverage so most teams have to double him. If you are Tom Brady or Brett Favre or Kerry Collins or Vince Young, your choices are much easier. You don't need to wait for Moss to get open if he's doubled, just check the ball down to Welker, Harvin or, wait for it, Nate Washington.

That's right. The newest gift from Mossy Claus's season of spreading joy is Nate Washington who is owned in like 40 percent of leagues and started in like zero of those leagues. Nate's got a bye this week, so the buzz may be quiet. But assuming Moss reports to the Titans, and I've heard nothing to suggest he won't, then Nate may become a fantasy commodity. Maybe not on the level of Harvin or Welker, but you never know.

The next question will be: What happens when Kenny Britt comes back? Since Britt is widely owned there's no need to rush out to grab him. You can't. But it's safe to assume that when Britt comes back in week 11 or 12 he'll get the biggest benefit from Moss's presence. Of course that assumes Moss's culinary specifications are met in Nashville and that he's still with the Titans in week 12. I give that a 50 percent chance of happening.

-Eric Edwards


GK said...

Britt was available in my league earlier this week because he was dropped when he got injured. I picked him up immediately, thinking the same about Moss coming to the Titans. That only means more positive results for Britt and Washington.