Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday Night Lights: Bears-Dolphins

For fantasy purposes, this has every indication of being one of those Why-in-the-Name-of-Stupidity-Are-You-Slowing-Down-on-I-77-to-Watch-Two-Motorists-Standing-Next-to-a-Stalled-Car-on-the-Side-of-the-Road-and-Why-Don't-the-Cops-Issue-Tickets-for-This-Kind-of-Driving-Because-it-Leads-to-Major-Traffic-Stoppages-and-Accidents kinds of games.

In other words: Nothing to see here, folks. Keep your freaking foot off the brake and proceed to Sunday's games.

Oh, there may be a small curiosity as to how Tyler Thigpen does in his emergency start as the Miami QB, but only if you don't have much else going on Thursday night and you want to max out on your NFL Network value. I guess there's a chance he could surprise because there's little/no recent film on him (due to the fact that he hasn't mattered since Stuart Scott did), but the Bears secondary has 14 picks this year. Only the Eagles have more. So the yards don't figure to come easily.

Maybe this is finally the Miami QB who enables Brandon Marshall to discard his pacifier, if only for a game. It seems unlikely because the two have had little chance to get any kind of timing down, but stranger things have happened -- and often do -- in the NFL.

Thigpen figures to be throwing a lot on Thursday, given that the Dolphins could have trouble against the league's No. 2 rushing defense (consider benching Ronnie Brown). But it's anyone's guess as to which potential Miami target does the most damage due to the unfamiliarity factor.

On the Bears side, I guess Jay Cutler is an interesting speculative start against a Dolphins secondary that has only six picks this year; then again, Cutler has a way of turning any defensive back into a receiver. Plus, Miami has 23 sacks, a solid total, and the Bears' offensive line is so porous that this number could grow quickly Thursday night. Bears' running game? Hit and miss, mostly Miss (as in a title for a lady).

A head start on your NFL viewing weekend is a beautiful thing, eh? So just watch this one the old-fashioned way. It's tough for fantasy players to start anyone in this game with any degree of confidence, given recent performances (or lack thereof) that contribute to more uncertainty than germs on a handrail. I recommend you wash your hands of this one.

--Reid Creager


Anonymous said...

Gettin' Thiggy with it! The Dolphins needs this game more and will win it. Ricky and Ronnie will run roughshoud over the Teddy Bears just like they did over the Puddy Panthers last year in prime time. 24-10 Dolphins.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree. Cutler has had two fairly decent games so he may be due for a bad one. He can be wildly inconsistent and if he holds onto the ball like he has in the past Cameron Wake may end up giving him a steady meal of Sun Life Stadium's prescription athletic turf. With Cutler you will always have turnover opportunities. The key is for the Dolphins secondary to catch the ball when he throws it straight to them. This will be a good game. Just because it isn't the Panthers... In fact, unlike the Panthers, this game may even be exciting. Meow.

Anonymous said...

If Carolina Panther fans want to see a real wildcat they should surely watch this game. Go Dolphins!

Jack said...

Yeah anonymous, because the Dolphins' run game has been just amazing this year, especially in the Wildcat formation (eyes rolling). As a fantasy owner of Ronnie Brown and Brandon Marshall, I would just like to say Phuck the Dolphins!