Friday, November 5, 2010

Seyi WHAT? Just go get him

Struggling with your WR corps, especially in the depths of the bye week blues? Well, I'm back with more reid-iculous advice -- such as when I told you Arian Foster was a must-own before the season and to pick up Ryan Torain and James Jones, when they had less ownership than shares in a beanie baby company:

Seyi Ajirotutu of the San Diego Chargers could help you win your week.

The reasons are more than the vowels in his name (is he the only professional athlete with all the vowels of the English language in his name, including the Y? Why hasn't there been any research on this? Why am I the one who has to think of these things?). Vincent Jackson isn't eligible to play till the end of the month. Malcolm Floyd, out this week. Legedu Naanee, a spirited but wanting participant in the vowels sweepstakes, also out. Buster Davis? IR. Even Antonio Gates is in danger of not playing now that he has a very painful right foot injury to go with his left foot injury. That would leave zero targets who are even semi-viable outside of the inconsistent veteran Patrick Crayton, the de facto No. 1 WR in San Diego this week.

Philip Rivers -- a surefire candidate for NFL MVP if the Chargers somehow make the playoffs -- found Ajirotutu for three catches and 48 yards last week. The two seems to be developing a connection. The Chargers like Ajirotutu's ability at 6 feet, 3 inches tall to go for jump balls; he's athletic, has good hands and runs smart routes. A former roommate of teammate Ryan Mathews at Fresno State, Ajirotutu opened eyes at the scouting combine and then caught seven passes for 145 yards in the preseason. In other words, he's not some guy who walked in off the street after flipping burgers at Hooters (although that worked out pretty well for Jon Gruden).

And I'm saving the best for last: Seyi has already been named a starter for Sunday at wideout -- not in the slot -- and he's going up against a Houston Texans pass defense that's ranked last in the NFL. It's a virtual certainty that he gets at least a few deep targets. No guarantees on what he does with them, but that's a very tasty scenario.

(The Chargers signed veteran Kelley Washington Thursday for depth, but given his lack of familiarity with the playbook he would be a third receiver at best for the team on Sunday. So don't worry about him.)

The Seyi Hey Kid goes on a bye in Week 10 with the rest of the Chargers, so assuming some other wideouts can get well during that time, he might be just a one-week pickup. Still, he can help plug a gap for you during a crucial week for almost every owner.

Signed off the practice squad last month. One-percent owned. Time to show some stupid guts.

--Reid Creager


GK said...

You guys gave me a good pick with starting the Law Firm. I've picked up Ajirotutu and have him in my flex spot, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you guys will be right again!

GK said...

You guys were right on the money again! Seyi had 111 yards and two TDs today, giving me more than 20 points. Pretty good day for a guy on the practice squad a few weeks ago.

Now the question is, do you think he's still a one week pickup?