Friday, November 12, 2010

Is there a team this season that makes you nervous starting otherwise top flight players players?

Eric Edwards: New England. The Pats had a hey day for the last few years with a few true, very dangerous offensive weapons in Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Tom Brady. Post Moss they seem to be going back to offense by committee, spreading the ball around like it’s a game of hide and seek. Welker has all but disappeared and his production has been replaced by Dieon Branch, Brandon Tate and Danny Woodhead. Outside of Brady I don’t trust any of them.

R. Trentham Roberts: New Orleans. Ivory? Betts? Jones? Really? And that’s just the running backs. As for receivers, Marques Colston checks in at No. 14 in our league, and then it’s Lance Moore at No. 25. (Ahead of such names as Braylon Edwards, Ochocinco and Wes Welker, by the way.) And whatever happened to Devery Henderson?

Trevor Freeze: Miami. What's that I hear in the distance. Be real quiet and you can hear the Eagles classic getting louder around South Beach. Seems "Desperado" fever has completely set in, as Miami has lost its senses, yanking one hanging Chad (Henne) with another (Pennington), with the playoffs still in reach. As a Brandon Marshall owner, I hope I'm completely wrong, but I don't see a lot of hope in this QB change, and that means more disappointment for Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams loyalists.

Reid Creager: Dallas. That so-called stud running back named Felix is just another Jones, thanks to a disappointing offensive line and his usual brittleness. Austin is miles behind last year’s pace, largely because of the ancient injury fill-in at QB who can’t/won’t get him the ball. I’m trying to come up with a third lousy name pun for this space, but I give up – though not quite in the spectacular way the Cowboys have.


Anonymous said...

Seattle: Where fantasy-relevant RBs go to die.

The Owners said...

Marshawn was already dead.