Friday, November 26, 2010

Fantasy Question of the Week: How tight is your end?

It’s been a tough year for tight ends, Antonio Gates is far and away the no. 1 guy despite having missed the last 4 weeks. Dallas Clarke and Jermichael Finley who are also injured follow him in points production. Who else do you trust to fill your Tight End position?

Eric Edwards: Marcedes Lewis, Jacksonville. Lewis expects himself to become the next Gates. While that’s probably not going to happen even if he became half of Gates he’d be a franchise leading TE on most teams. He has averaged just over 10 points a week and is currently the 4th best TE in fantasy production behind Gates, Dallas Clark & Jermichal Finley, none of whom are currently playing.

Peter St. Onge: Jacob Tamme, Indianapolis. Patriots took him away last week, but he still got plenty of glances from Peyton Manning. Get him now, if you can find a fickle owner.

R. Trentham Roberts: Jason Witten, Dallas. Only 3 TD’s, but still averaging more than 5 catches a game, and that’ll work in any point-per-catch league. (And despite all the goings-on in Dallas, the passing game has still been humming with Kitna behind center.)

Trevor Freeze: Todd Heap, Baltimore. After riding the Dustin Keller train to its last stop (week 4), I've finally found some consistency in Old Man Heap, who despite the other weapons in Baltimore, is getting plenty of money looks (4 TDs in last 5 games) and has averaged 54 yards per over that span. The clincher was a goal line situation against the Panthers when the Ravens split Boldin, Mason and Housh on one side and Heap on the other. Believe in the Heap.


Anonymous said...

Any TE playing against Carolina!! Panthers have been torched all year by TE's.

The Owners said...

After getting Hillis'd this weekend I think your fantasy team is doomed if your opponent has any matchups that involve the panthers.