Friday, October 1, 2010

You traded who?

Every season it happens dozens of times. Somebody gets raked over the coals by a horrible trade. After week 3 we put our heads together to come up with the worst trades we've seen this season:

Eric Edwards: Brandon Marshall for Brandon Jackson & Santana Moss.
Guy who proposed it must have been drunk. Brandon Marshall should not be traded for less than a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Two average guys don't equal one really good guy.
(ed note: Brandon Jackson has to go down as the biggest fantasy free-agent bust of the year. Maybe no other player has been as sought after as he was after Grant when down. Now some guy named Kuhn is taking all his carries.)

Peter St. Onge: Antonio Gates for Steve Smith (NYG).
Honestly, this isn't that lopsided. I'm just bitter the Gates owner outbid me by a buck at our draft. That said, Gates is fantasy's best tight end, and Smith isn't the top end zone option on his team. And I still don't have a legit TE.
(ed. note: If you are in a league where a TE is a must start this has to be a DEFCON 4 level bad trade. Like, malfeasance is involved. Good TE's are so hard to come by that 2/3 of fantasy teams are starting a putz and crossing their fingers - think Mercedes Lewis - and the other 1/3 wins the TE category every week. And Gates and Keller stand above the rest this year with Jermichael Finley coming in a close 3rd. Trading Gates for NYSmith is like trading Aaron Rodgers for Darren Sproles.)

R. Trentham Roberts: Philip Rivers for Dwayne Bowe.
Rivers' new owner has ridden him to a 3-0 record, while Bowe's new owner dropped him after two weeks. (Note: the person who traded away Rivers was a first-time-ever fantasy footballer; you're supposed to be treat a newbie a LITTLE better than that.)
(ed. note: After a mugging like that I bet their first season will be their last season)

Trevor Freeze: Brandon Jackson & Johnny Knox for DeSean Jackson.
At the time, I thought the owner giving up DeSean got a steal, but two miserable Brandon weeks later and the new DeSean owner (thanks to Vick) looks like the real man of genius.
Sidebar: Don't understand all the love for Knox, who's been outscored by waiver TE Greg Olsen.
(ed. note: Desean is a beast. Vick is not making DeSean as much as Kolb was going to destroy him. You cannot overvalue a guy who catches the ball at the line of scrimmage and turns it into a 30 yard touchdown. I wouldn't trade DeSean for anything less than an established, point-producing No.1 running back. I wept when I heard about this trade.)

Reid Creager: Clinton Portis for Matt Ryan.
Portis is all but done. Coach Mike Shanahan was quoted in the Washington Post after Sunday's game as saying Ryan Torain will be the first- and second-down back, with Portis on third downs. Ryan is continuing to progress well for a Falcons team that I think will win its division.
(ed. note: You've got to be able to get bang for your buck than an ancient running back in a Shanahan offense. No excuse for Ryan not picking up at least a Darren McFadden type guy.)

Share your horrible, awful, very bad trades with us. You know, the ones that made you spit out your coffee.


Anonymous said...

Two years ago about 4 weeks into the season, I traded Delhomme and Muhammed for DeAngello Williams (who at the time was only netting about 6 or 7 points a game, maybe less). Of course, we all know what he did the rest of the year (20 TDs, 1500 yards)

Anonymous said...

I just received Ronnie Brown and Percy Harvin for Cadillac Williams and Eddie Royal! What was he thinking?!

Big E said...

In our league, all trades must be approved by the commish before they go through. This, of course, depends on your commish being a person with integrity, but it prevents the fantasy veterans from taking advantage of the newbies or the uninformed.

J said...

Worst trade in our league is probably the one I just made. I traded Finley for Celek and Mike Wallace. This was about my long-term dearth of WRs - I had Colston, Breaston and Macklin as my 3 best. Ray Rice has underachieved for me, and I had Ryan Grant and got to Brandon Jackson first. I have Zach Miller (OAK) as my backup TE and that worked out well for me this week. I figure platooning him and Celek will minimize the damage from losing Finley, and I am hoping Wallace will stablize my WR corps like he did last year. But conventional wisdom says I got fleeced.

J said...

I should also mention that I got Peyton Hillis off the scrap heap, and he's been my best RB the last 2 weeks. If he manages to keep this up, and Wallace can produce, I have a decent core with Tom Brady as my QB. Of course Maclin now has less value with Kolb at QB, making Wallace's production even more important. My goose is probably cooked.

Anonymous said...

I traded Adrian Peterson for WR Dwayne Jarrett because he is fixing to take off with extraordinary stats and headed to the probowl since Steve Smith is hurt!!!!