Friday, October 29, 2010

Who is the better pick-up: San Francisco QB Troy Smith or Minnesota QB Tavaris Jackson?

Eric Edwards: Troy Smith.
It is widely accepted that Alex Smith is a horrible quarterback so the bar is not very high for Smith to take that starting job and keep it. The 49ers have been abysmal, but the weapons are there with Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis. A QB with a running style might be able to buy himself enough time to get the ball downfield. I think Tavaris is the better player, but there’ll be too much pressure to start Brett Favre when he’s even remotely healthy.

R. Trentham Roberts: Tavaris Jackson.
One not-all-that-unlikely scenario: Vikings’ season keeps going south, management takes a deep breath and decides one more year for Favre was one too many, gives Jackson one last test drive. Adrian Peterson and Vincent Shiancoe benefit, Percy Harvin and Randy Moss do not. Nobody’s happy.

Reid Creager: Tavaris Jackson.
I figure you'll have a better chance of reading this if I invoke The Jenn Sterger Factor. (who apparently has been targeted by Brett Favre more than Donald Driver ever was) --ed. note insert rimshot sound here. If Sterger talks to the NFL, it increases the chances that Favre gets a suspension on top of the ankle thing and the crummy playing thing. Enter Jackson. (Did you know that if you Google "Jenn," Sterger is the second name that comes up despite all the famous Jennifers out there? Talk about your 15 minutes.) But I digress. For most guys, Sterger would be the better pick-up every time.

Trevor Freeze: Jon Kitna.
I know, he's not one of the options, but there are flaws in both Smith (anemic offense) and Jackson (suspect arm, Brett Favre will play even in a wheel chair) that would make me hesitate rostering either unless it's a 16-team-plus league or one that starts two QBs. Meanwhile, Kitna takes over a dynamic passing attack (Austin, Williams, Bryant, Witten), posted back-to-back 4,000-yard seasons in Detroit and as Roy Williams says "is just as good" as Tony Romo. Even if he's been around since the '80s.


fantasy football projections and tools said...

I'll choose Tavaris Jackson. He's my favorite player and I think he's better than Troy Smith.