Friday, October 8, 2010

Who has been the biggest disappointment on your roster(s) so far?

Eric Edwards: Ray Rice. In a first round where I could have taken Andre Johnson, Frank Gore or Rashard Mendenhall, my decision to take Rice has put my team in the position to play a lot of catchup. Eventually he’ll have a good day, but the waiting is brutal. Also I hate Willis McGahee.

Peter St. Onge: Tom Brady. …and not just because of the hair. He hasn’t been bad, just not great, which is what I expected. And he hasn’t faced defenses that are the caliber of the defenses faced by Ray Rice, another of my disappointments. Rice will turn it around, but Brady - now without Moss? I’m not so sure.

R. Trentham Roberts: No Disappointments. I fully deserve to be 0-4. But if I had to pin down just one underachiever, I guess it would be Jerome Harrison, who is no longer with this (or any) team.

Trevor Freeze: Chris Johnson. Much like seeing an overhyped movie, the expectations for CJ are killing his perceived value. But in reality, he’s thrown up weeks of 2 and 4 points, which aren’t even Indie flick numbers. He’s barely in the top 10 so far, a couple spots behind undrafted Peyton Hillis, the frozen pizza on my team (always a little better than you expect).

Reid Creager: New York Jets D. I was expecting a takeaway bonanza, but it hasn’t happened yet – although there have been notable injuries, and the Jets are supposed to get some key pieces back this week. (By the way: Diggin’ the hair, Brady -- football is down and dirty, not preppy.)


Anonymous said...

I have Ryan Matthews in 2 leagues and he's been a HUGE disappointment. After drafting a rookie that high, it's terrible to get such lousy production.

The honorable mention goes to Kevin Kolb... not his fault he got hurt, but I was banking on him.

Anonymous said...

Ray Rice!

daniel said...

seriously, the jets D? drafting defenses is like drafting kickers you should pick em week to week based on matchup. I would have to say my biggest dissapointment is Felix Jones, or should i say jason garret since he will not run the ball

Anonymous said...

Steve Smith Jr (Giants), Cedric Benson, and Reggie Wayne

Freaky Ty said...

I would probably say all RB's except Arian Foster have been somewhat of a disappointment so far this year. Same with WR's - Steve Smith, T.O., Ochocinco, Andre, Roddy.....Nobody's been all that impressive.

Anonymous said...

You name it.

Andre Johnson
Ryan Grant
Mike Sims-Walker