Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Hangover - Week 7

That scream. Where is it coming from? It's hard to say.

>>Is it coming from the direction of the 80% of owners who had Darren McFadden on the bench this week as he unleashed his McThousand-point game? Though it also could have come from all of those Michael Bush owners out there who felt the ground fall out from under them. Any chance he sees more than 20% of the team's carries going forward? I didn't think so.

>>Is the scream coming from the 75% of owners whose bench score was ballooned by the best game of Kenny Britt's career? It could definitely be heard over the moans of all those Britt supporters who bailed on him this year after he left them out in the cold last year. It happens.

>>Could it be the screams of delight from all of those waiver wire jockeys who picked up Seattle receiver Mike Williams who looked Andre Johnsonesque, even with a Hasselbeck throwing him the ball?

>>No, I'm sure it wasn't a scream of joy. It was a scream of pain. The kind of pain that comes when your starting QB, on whose back your week rests, goes down in a crumpled heap with a Giant sitting on his shoulder. Yes. I'm sure that was the scream I heard. Oh, you say Tony Romo's probably out for the season with a broken clavicle? What's a clavicle? That doesn't sound that important. What? You say your stable of Cowboy's receivers will now rely on 38-year-old, smush-faced, Jon Kitna to drive the offense? Well now that sounds exciting. No wonder you're screaming. In fact the only potential winner here (Besides Jerry Jones' cardiologist and the owner of the doughnut shop next to Wade Phillips' house) is Jason Witten, who appears to be in prime position to take advantage of about 50 short check-downs a game. Congrats Jason!

>>Was that not interesting enough of a week for you? Perhaps you would have been happier if you were playing against Roddy White whose vitamins apparently rendered him invisible to the Bengals D.

>>Speaking of Bengals, I bet the half of the owners who had Carson Palmer on the bench were pretty excited about their bench score. Come to think of it, has there ever been a week when so many players had career days while warming the bench. Theoretically someone had a bench made up of McFadden (49 points), Britt (55 points), Palmer (51 points), Knowshon Moreno (21 points), Steve Johnson (29 points) and Lee Evans (30 points) for an estimated bench score of 235. Just sayin' none of these guys are started in a majority of leagues (technically Palmer is started by 53% of cbs leagues, but whatever) so there was a lot of hair-pulling going on as guys' coaching ratings hit the skids as they watched their benches outperform the starters.

>>Or maybe on the flip side you thought you were getting a steal when you picked up Denver's D to play against the hapless Raiders and it ended up turning into a negative-point-producing-bloodbath.

>>So what happens to all of those Romo owners, many of whom were not stockpiling an outstanding backup due to his very low incidence of injury? Well, the scramble is on and if you are the guy in your league sitting on a bunch of QBs now is the time to sell one of them for the next best guy on Romo's team. I just traded my first rounder Ray Rice for Matt Schaub, because lord knows Jon Gruden might be able to win an actual superbowl with Brad Johnson, but in the fantasy world, you aren't going to win a title with Jon Kitna (or Brad Johnson for that matter). In another league I have a co-owner who was smart enough to force us to draft (and hold on to) Matt Stafford, so I have at least a fighting chance over there.

>>So if you see a guy in your office wearing black today, it's safe to assume he just saw his fantasy season crumble before his eyes. Take a wide berth.

>>On a non-fantasy note, doesn't Dallas win that game going away with Romo in? All the talk about Romo being a loser is bunk, you can't find me one football fan who wouldn't rather have Romo under center than almost every other option short of the truly great QBs. Ask a Cowboys fan how they feel about Romo and you'll probably see a man break into tears. I can't blame them. And I'm a 49ers fan so I'm not even in the mood to feel sorry for anyone. Carry on.


J said...

My bench blew up too. Let me count the ways. In my league, we award bonus points like nobody's business and the average game score is 150-125:

-Do I start Marques Colston, the single biggest underachiever to ever walk the Earth, or Jeremy Maclin, who becomes the #1 WR with DeSean Jackson out? I go with Maclin. He scores 10 points, Colston gets 44.

-Ray Rice, vs the worst run defense in the league, or Ryan Torrain, against a halfway decent Bears D? Go with Rice. 8 points scored, Torrain adds 20 to the bench tally.

-Who's my flex player, Branch (back with Brady and had 30 pts last week) or the nausiatingly inconsistent Brandon Jackson? Gotta be Branch. Jackson scores a TD. Branch gets 3 points.

I hate this game. Yet I keep playing.

The Owners said...

Awesome. A guy in my league has twice now left more than 100 points on his bench, unfortunately he won both those weeks so I can't really get after him.