Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A slippery Moss changes the landscape?

There's been so much movement it's hard to say with any certainty the winners from the losers.

In most circumstances the moves involve players who already are playing or sitting on fantasy benches. But still, things will change. Here's how:

IF: Randy Moss does indeed get traded to the Vikings that obviously makes Brett Favre a must have QB. It also makes AP more valuable (if that were possible) and makes life easier for Visanthe, and The Headache Harvin.

WHEN: Marshawn Lynch starts moves to Seattle that makes Justin Forsett worth less than he already is worth (which isn't much), BUT it pumps life back into my boy Fred Jackson and everyone else's boy CJ Spiller.

So what do you do with this knowledge? Well, first take a drink, then a deep breath, then if you are in a bad place, try to trade the 2nd best (reliable) receiver and a No. 3 RB for Moss. His owners are certain to want to deal. No matter what Moss won't have Brady throwing him the ball in Minny, so actually his value goes down a touch.

Want to move on Welker? Well, that's going to cost you. He just became the big daddy in New England. If he wasn't already.

That Edelman guy who has been sitting around playing with himself when he wasn't jumping offsides probably gets in the game. So does Brandon Tate who must have impressed someone in Foxboro.

Fred Jackson hasn't started for anyone but me all year, you can get him if, maybe even on waivers.

CJ wasn't available and he definitely isn't now. Look elsewhere.

Forsett owners. Sorry. Lynch's Beast Mode just needs more than 3 touches a game and he'll probably be convicted of violating the defenses in the NFC West. Just sayin'.

Sidney Rice? Interesting. If you drafted him you are probably sitting on that waiting for comedy gold to appear. Obviously that dream would be dead. Unless for some reason he is part of the trade and he lands in New England in which case I will hang myself for trading him last week.

-Eric Edwards


Anonymous said...

You're missin the boat a bit by not mentioning Brandon Tate.