Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can a team be too good?

In the wake of a week where bench blowups were the norm, it occurred to me that there is such a thing as too many options. Most teams have 16-17 roster spaces available, of which they will play 8 0r 9 guys. Obviously you need your bench and you want it to be strong for purposes of trading leverage, bye weeks and the occasional clavicle injury.
I think you want to have consistently reliable guys who haul in between 12 and 20 a week. Kenny Britt was a superstar last weekend, but throughout the season he's posted weeks of 7, 9, 9, 16, 10 then whammo! 55. So what do you do with him? If you have bye week and you need to fill a spot , sure he's your guy. But let's say you have been starting Santana Moss (10, 13, 23, 18, 11, 14) or NY Steve Smith (6, 5, 18, 5, 17, 10, 24). Do you sit one of those guys to go chasing the dream with Kenny Britt? I don't know.
I think we can all kind of agree that there are some unbenchable WRs out there -- Roddy, Hakeem, Andre J, Brandon Marshall to name a few. Randy Moss was on that list; Reggie Wayne probably still is. But what about when you are deciding between Brandon Lloyd (having an excellent season but has had a couple of slowish weeks) and Britt? or T.O and Britt?
This situation is not confined to receivers, but it is more prevalent among them because there are more spikes in receiver play than RB play.
The worst thing you can do is have three guys you are dying to start based on some outlier weeks. You end up playing fantasy roulette with Britt, Malcolm Lloyd and Roy Williams and run the risk of keeping the big weeks on your bench. Better to know that you have two guys who are at least semi must starts and just let them do their thing unless you are afraid they are running into a shutdown corner, or they get injured. Give me Anquan Boldin and Mike Wallace. Some big weeks, some small weeks but all in all not a lot of surprises.
Of course I say that as I start DeSean Jackson every week that he isn't recuperating from an atomic moonsault and his numbers have been wildly erratic. Though I blame his situation on Andy Reid's QB shuffle.


GK said...

DeSean Jackson's erratic scoring is solely based on Reid's quarterback roulette. His outstanding games were typically those when Vick was behind center, so I'm hoping that after the bye week, he'll be back at 100% and Vick will be taking the snaps again. I expect DeSean to resume his form next week, though he might be a bit wary about crossing routes through the middle of the field.

I do have a question, hopefully someone can answer. Right now I have DeAngelo Williams starting, but given his sprain and lackluster performance this season to date, should I start one of my benchwarmers: BenJarvis Green-Ellis or Fred Jackson?

The Owners said...

start The Law Firm. I love Jackson but he hasn't really been producing. That offense has taken to the air and BJGE has been getting into the endzone even if he's not picking up yards.
BTW - totally agree that DeSean's problem is not his own. He and Vick were clicking and when Vick returns we should expect nothing but good things from DeSean. And also I don't think he'll be timid over the middle. Most QBs won't hang their guy out to dry like that. They either hit him in stride or at least with his feet on the ground. It's the jumping for overthows that gets your head smashed in. If nothing else DeSean learns to let the occasional high ball go over his head. Better to have the QB get dinged with a pick then to get hospitalized.

GK said...

Gotta reply back and give kudos for the tip to put the Law Firm in the starting crew. He had an awesome game and helped me forget that I benched Run DMC the previous week.

Great tip!

The Owners said...

sweet - glad it worked out. Wish I had followed my own advice. I went 3-wide (two Mike Williams and AJ) and Jamaal at RB. So I won handily but if I'd put The Firm in place of Seattle Mike Williams I would have hit the season high score which pays out $50.