Monday, September 13, 2010

The Tuesday Hangover

>>You say you drafted Andre Johnson expecting more than 3 looks a game? Me too. So your befuddlement at the Texans' refusal to put the ball in the air is something I'm familiar with. And I'm here to offer solace: Not every defense is going to be violated by Foster the way the Colts were. It was a great game plan against Indy and it puts the league on notice that you can't just ignore the Texans run game by focusing solely on AJ. This poor, poor opening day for Andre will not be a trend. I hope.

>>Guess Welker's knee was OK after all. Kenny Mayne suggests a deal was made with the devil, I knew he was a Pats fan.

>>Hello Baltimore - has an offense ever looked better while scoring only 10 points. The Ravens moved the ball well on almost every drive, especially the one's that ended in turnovers. Guess you can't have it all. Boldin is the real deal. If you must start a TE, Heap is going to be putting up lots of points.

>>You didn't happen to play against Manning did you? Hard to top the thousand points he put up in the loss. This is great news for people who drafted Peyton. His biggest downside is always that he's on the bench during fantasy playoffs, but if Houston and Tenn step up hemay have to play a full season. Guess I shouldn't have laughed so hard at the guy who took him first overall in my keeper league. Just kidding.

>>You say my Fred Jackson theorem didn't pan out? Well, I can't lie - I wasn't thrilled with the 2 point day. But I was thrilled with C.J. Spiller's equally smelly performance. And I liked that they pulled Fred in on the Wildcat. He picked up a decent yardage that got called back on a worthless hold. So he'll be useful, especially if CJ continues to shuck.

>>Who was it that said Mike Sims-Walker was a steal? His head on a plate please.

>>That rumbling sound you'll hear is every waiver troll in the country scrambling to pick up Brandon Jackson. I have to include myself in that crowd but I think I'm just doing it because a million vultures can't be wrong. Right? I don't know, he didn't look that good.

>> I can't tell with all the three and outs, but are the Chiefs good or do they just play well in loud rainy places?

>>What happened to funny beer commercials? A guy in a thong specifically ordering bad tasting beer gets mocked by hot lady bartender - really? Whatever happened to Bierbitzch?

>>Sometimes you find yourself in such a deep fantasy hole extrication is impossible. I was in one of those. Three of those actually. Jaamal Charles almost got me out of one.

>>Biggest bench gaffe? Steve Breaston was a popular bench warmer who had a great week. I left him on a bench and it cost me the game. I hate that.

-Eric Edwards


Michael said...

I can't see the Bills run game being relied on so little in the future, either. Relying on Trent Edwards is a proven sure way to lose.