Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Hangover - Week 3

The first week of the season I went 0-3. In week two I picked up one W and lost two. And the trend continues in week three as I win 2 and lose 1. At this rate I'll win three trophies. Except for the fact that I won't.

By week three you may not know if you have a superbowl champ on your hands, but you should have good idea if your team stinks. I have one such team. It starts and ends with Matt Schaub and Roddy White. I maneuvered my way into Dustin Keller, but Ryan Matthews is a huge bust so far, if you own him then you certainly feel my pain. Pierre Garcon has been supplanted by Austin Collie, Steve Breaston has been essentially neutered by Derek Anderson and Felix Jones is repeating every year he's ever had as a pro. Dammit.

>>But things could be worse. I could have stayed up late Monday night waiting for Jay Cutler to deliver me a mere 20 points, which (in this particular league) has happened each of the first two weeks. On the contrary, I faced off against Cutler with only the Robbie Gould to protect myself. But thanks to Devin Hester and some incredible clock-management by Green Bay, Cutler never had a chance to be a fantasy factor. Sure, he won the actual "game." But unless you are a Bears fan you don't give a rat's fart.

>>Braylon Edwards had a pretty good Sunday. I can't wait to see what he blows this week.

>>Sure do wish I'd picked up Vick when he was out there. But that's OK, he's bringing out the best in Desean Jackson. BTW, the best in Desean Jackson is better than "The Best" of just about anyone else.

>>Anyone but Anquan Boldin apparently. Did he and Joe Flacco wake up and realize he season started two weeks ago? Or, more likely, will they pull one of those hot and cold stunts where they disappear for two weeks then blow up for 1 making them virtually unstartable because you never know when they'll show up. But maybe not, Boldin is a competitive guy, hopefully he's here to stay.

>>Did you bench Mike Wallace because a) he hasn't done a thing all year or b) because Charlie Batch is throwing him the ball? Either way, sorry about missing out on one of this week's fantasy lottery tickets.

>>Who is the Adrian Peterson fellow? It must be nice to have a running back you can pretty much rely on week in and week out. Sort of the opposite of Joseph Addai. Never drafting that guy again.

>> I tried to trade Desean Jackson for Frank Gore and got soundly rebuffed last week. I think after this weekend we're both happier dancing with who brung us.

>>But really this was the weekend of the QB. Going into Monday night I looked across the board and the trend terrified me: QBs were going nuts all weekend. Vick was out of his mind. Brees played horribly but still put up huge numbers. Is Peyton allowed to throw for fewer than 300 yards? Chad Henne. Aaron Rodgers. Philip Rivers. Flacco. Just points everywhere. Really the only disappointments were Cutler and Matt Schaub. My man Romo didn't exactly light the world on fire, but he got the job done.

>>This week people will be discussing Peyton Hillis and Roy Williams ad nauseum. Hillis I think has value, but Roy, well, unless he pins together another week or two of not sucking he's just bench gravy. Maybe Dez Bryant should reconsider his stance on carrying the man's shoulder pads.

Did you see any trends this week? Let us know.


Anonymous said...

Brandon Lloyd is secretly the second best WR in the league (recs/yardage). That's a trend that cannot be ignored.

J said...

My Idiot Move of the Week: Starting Marques Colston at a flex spot instead of Peyton Hillis, who I picked off the scrap heap last week. ARGH!!!!!

Colston is so freaking useless I'm thinking about dropping him altogether if I can get Lance Moore.

I'm in 2 leagues - 3-0 in a free ESPN league and 2-1 in a money CBS league. I have Tom Brady in both of them. Since the CBS league has money riding on it, that's where I devote most of my attention. I drafted Colston to be my #1 receiver, which is killing me, but thank God I got Jeremy Macklin in the middle rounds.