Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Hangover - Week 2

Whither Ray Rice? Two middling fantasy outings have owners pondering the use of their coveted 1st pick on Rice. No doubt he'll turn it around and he's far from the only top drafted back to be a let down in week 2. To wit:

Jamaal Charles - I love to see a professional athlete demonstrate a zen attitude when he's needlessly made to play second fiddle to a tired vet simply because the coach hates fantasy owners, but not as much as I like it when they DEMAND THE BALL. C'mon Jamaal, show me your inner Brandon Jacobs and throw a huge temper tantrum and possibly your helmet to prove your love of the sport.

Felix Jones - My Man. I have owned you since you were pulling hammys in your momma's womb. Every year you are one game away from swapping spots with Marion Barber. This year your handlers actually had us convinced that you were the no. 1 guy. Where's the prima donna? You are in your prime, 2 points a game is not cutting it.

My favorite bust this week is Ryan Matthews who went down with an ankle after 50 all purpose yards and dropped ball. While the whole world was drooling over Matthews, Jahvid Best was quietly plotting to take over the world. Best was like two fantasy players on Sunday, a full day rushing and a fuller day receiving.

Things that make me smile: A guy in one of my leagues had Best on his bench this week. He ended up winning, which dulls the joke a little, but still. 49 points sitting next to one guys name on a the bench warms my cold plastic heart.

MJD. Chris Johnson. DeAngelo. The list goes on and on. Unless you owned Gore, AP, Knowshon?!, LeSean?!?!, McFaddy?!?!!! you got a luke warm performance at best.

On the other hand welcome back DeSean Jackson, Andre Johnson and Roddy White. Thank you for rejoining the party, Welker, Moss and Reggie Wayne missed you. So did your owners. I personally was so stricken with grief after AJ's dismal performance last week that I almost didn't have enough energy to set my lineups this week. But my faith has been restored. Unfortunately my record is not as restored as my faith, won 1, lost 2. The good news is that the win was bigger than the losses b/c the league is set up for division play, gotta win your division (or have the best record to not win a division) to make the 4 team playoffs. It's a tough playoff to get into. The other leagues are basically finish in the top half make the playoffs. Starting off 0-2 isn't good, but things will work out in at least one of those leagues.

Fantasy QB note of the week: It's so true that they say it on TV, Romo may not be a very good "clutch" player, but he is a helluva fantasy QB outscoring pretty much everyone but Schaub and McNabb. Speaking of Schaub, what a monster day. Almost 500 yards in the air. I thought he'd have a good year, but if I'd know he was going to turn into Dan Marino I'd have drafted Kevin Walter on top of AJ.
-Eric Edwards


John W. said...

Is it because my league's scoring is so far from standard that 13 QBs had more points than Romo did?

The Owners said...

You're right. If your league places a higher value on TDs than completions and yardage he wasn't awesome. Perfectly legit, lots of leagues do that. But in a yardage/completion league (which all of mine are for some reason) 374 yards and 30+ completions is a nice outing. Obviously a few more TDs wouldn't have hurt my feelings.