Thursday, September 16, 2010

Should I make this trade?

Every year, panic sets in.

An 0-1 start is one thing. But 0-3? Someone hit the Bat Signal.

The unfortunate fallout about the football season is you can't afford to be left behind. If you've played for very long, "Desperado" is a tune you've sung every now and again.

But not yet. It's time to come to your senses.

The rule of thumb I've always lived by is, wait a minimum of 2 weeks to really assess your team. Too many flukes can happen in Week 1. Teams are out of shape. Unusual turnovers. Fluky injuries.

In our 12-team Observer league, the following deals have been hatched in the last two days:

* Phillip Rivers for Jamaal Charles

* Joseph Addai for Jonathan Stewart

* Johnny Knox and Brandon Jackson for DeSean Jackson

These three trades, initiated largely by an owner's 0-1 start, are a microcosm of three types of trades you'll see in your league.

1). The Surplus: The Rivers owner also has Drew Brees and traded from surplus to help a dire need at RB2.

2). The Parachute: Both Addai and Stewart owners were unhappy with their player's week 1 performance and wanted to pull the rip cord before all trade value plummets.

3). The Upgrade: The owner who snagged Jackson off the wire packaged him with Knox to upgrade his WR2 spot.

Whether you won or lost your first week, it's key to start scouring rosters, laying the groundwork for future trades, possibly sending out feelers to the owner who has two near-elite QBs or three high-quality RBs, but is suffering badly in the WR department.

The fastest way to complete a deal is to find someone's need and meet it. Don't just think about yourself when throwing out offers. You're more likely to avoid I-77 traffic in Charlotte. During rush hour. On a Friday afternoon. In a downpour.

So, what trade offer are you pondering?

If you don't know, you're not in the game.

-- Trevor Freeze


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of unloading Andre Johnson for Larry Fitz and either Marion Barber/Jerome Harrison or Justin Forsett

J said...

I'm the opposite of Michael Jordan - I prefer drafts & waiver claims to trades. Even if I was addicted to trades, I doubt I could pull anything this year because it looks like I have a roster full of #2 players, with the exception of Tom Brady & Ray Rice. I had Ryan Grant but was able to get Brandon Jackson off waivers. I've had pretty good success with the scrap heap. I got TJ Housh when he had his first big year, Roddy White when he had his first big year, and one year I grabbed Kyle Orton to win a playoff game as Peyton Manning was in his normal place in fantasy playoff time - watching the Colts backup QB.

Of course if someone calls wanting to talk trade, I'll listen. Meantime, I'll be searching the garbage dump for the next gold watch. Chances are I will find it.