Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ryan Grant Fallout: Beyond the Obvious

I had to chuckle when I went on Yahoo's fantasy football site a couple hours ago and saw one of its writers urge people to scoop up Brandon Jackson now that Ryan Grant is done for the season.

In any truly competitive league -- such as the one I'm in -- Jackson was picked up oh, about 48 hours ago, when it became apparent Grant was hurt and wasn't returning to Sunday's game. The fact that he's now out with the ankle is gravy.

Now, if you really feel like being progressive in your thinking (or overthinking the whole situation, which I might be doing here), you pick up fullback John Kuhn, who becomes Jackson's backup for now. He's zero percent owned in Yahoo leagues. How's that for progressive? Or just overreacting?

Here's the thinking: Kuhn scored a vulture TD on Sunday while Jackson was getting a breather. The Packers have always liked Kuhn as a short-yardage, goal-line back, and it's obvious Jackson is not going to be accustomed to this kind of a workload. He'll need to be spelled fairly often, and Kuhn will be the guy (yes, the Packers signed free-agent running back Dmitri Nance, formerly of the Falcons' practice squad, this afternoon -- but he figures to be a backup to the backup and, as a rookie who doesn't know the offense, can't realistically be expected to get goal-line work).

Kuhn gets even more attractive when you look at this weekend's Packers opponent: Buffalo. The Bills have an elite secondary, meaning maybe more of a focus on the Green Bay running game and more of a need for Kuhn to play a little more. Plus, the lack of quality opposition almost guarantees the Packers will have a safe fourth-quarter lead and will be running out some clock. You think they're going to run the risk of doing that entirely with their new No. 1 back?

Yes, Kuhn is a no-name. Yes, the Packers could pick up a "name" veteran off the street by the end of the week and knock him entirely out of the picture. But they like Kuhn -- and maybe you should, too, if you have an RB flex spot to fill this week. Given how the stars align for Kuhn this week, you could even be starting him as your No. 2 RB if you're very thin there.

I am -- and I am. At least until someone makes me a strong offer for Philip Rivers or Jermichael Finley, who are sitting behind Drew Brees and Antonio Gates on my bench.

--Reid Creager


Anonymous said...

We're supposed to get fantasy advice from some guy in a league who has Rivers AND Brees and Finley AND Gates. Who are you playing against? French people?

Anonymous said...

And you are the one looking foolish for calling out Yahoo!'s headline because in "truly competitive fantasy leagues" you CAN'T pick anyone up via free agency over the weekend because the FA pool is locked until the middle of the following week. Allowing managers to pick up players off waivers immediately after an injury occurs does not reward good fantasy strategy, it rewards losers who sit in front of their computer from 1PM - 11PM hoping someone gets injured. If you're playing in a league that allows you to do that -- YOU are the amateur.

The Owners said...

That one made me laugh out loud..I like that.

No, actually, as I said, it's an extremely competitive league. Jackson was picked up by 5:30 Sunday. Reason I have all of those guys is that I scrimped on RBs. Pierre Thomas is the only viable RB I have (another French guy!). There's a price to pay for that.

Meanwhile, you have the comment of the year so far. It's not even close.

The Owners said...

Anonymous, I'm painfully aware that Yahoo has some leagues with the waiver setup (I avoid those at all costs). My opinion -- and it's only that -- is that the waiver system penalizes people who were aggressive and on top of the injury situation, and allows important talent to go to people who happen to be standing at the front of the line whether they're actively engaged or not. I prefer the former. But everyone has their preferences....hey, vive la difference (now that I'm French).

Anonymous said...

But dude, say I am such a die-hard football fan that I actually purchased a ticket to the Green Bay game? Are you really suggesting it's fair and an accurate reflection of fantasy management prowess to reward the chuckle-head sitting in front of his computer mid-afternoon who picks up Jackson immediately? It doesn't take any fantasy management skill to sit there with your FA pool queued up ready to point and click your way to waiver glory. There is more strategy involved with managing when and how to use your waiver priority. Your method rewards loserdom, and was abandoned a long time ago in all of the "truly competitive fantasy leagues" I've been in for the last 5 or 6 years. Waiver format is a preference/opinion for sure, but you shouldn't be intimating that your format requires greater skill and knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 6:35: That's what smartphones are for. Or any phone that you can call your wife with and say, "Here's my password. Go get Brandon Jackson." The blogger is right. Lazy people get rewarded in waiver setups. That's not "competitive," as much as you'd like to think it is.

And guess what? If you're playing fantasy football and reading a fantasy football blog, you might want to be careful about throwing out terms like "loserdom." You're already a resident, pal. Embrace it.