Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pass the keys Braylon

One man's week 2 celebration is another man's DWI charge. Especially if that other man is Braylon Edwards who had his best performance in forever yesterday against rival Patriots.
Big win? Yes. DWI worthy win? I don't know, maybe not.

So before bench trolling owners even had a chance to get excited about having Braylon sitting there like a tiny sliver of hope, he goes and gets himself locked up. Guess what, he's already on the league hot seat for some offseason antics that may or may not have involved punching LeBron's buddy in what may or may not have been his face. Which means he's going to be able to spend at least a Sunday or two joining Santonio Holmes on the couch watching games.

I'd say this makes Dustin Keller the Jets' top target, but clearly the little owned TE already was.

-Eric Edwards


John W. said...

A related question: How strong do you expect Holmes to be when he returns? Is he worth trading for as an undervalued player?