Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's week 1. Who are you starting?

Because I believe in transparency, and other stuff you can see through, I'l go ahead and post my lineups for the week. I'll try to do this regularly, but if I forget, well, you'll survive. If you think I'm making a huge mistake, that's great. I want to hear your thoughts, not so much to improve my team but to spark a discussion. I probably won't post my benches since the list will just get too unwieldy with three teams. But for week one I'm starting:

Team One
Format note - must start TE, no flex, 1/2 ppr, defense weights heavily
TRomo, JCharles, JAddai, AJohnson, DJackson, JWitten, RGould, 49ers

Team Two
Format note: No ppr, open flex spot
MSchaub, RMatthews, FJones, RWhite, PGarcon, MSims-Walker, FJackson, MPrater, Panthers

Team Three
Format note: 1/2 ppr, open flex
TRomo, RRice, FJones, MAustin, ABoldin, MWallace, FJackson, SebasJan, Chargers



Anonymous said...

You are a terrible drafter.

Crabby said...

I'd hate to see your benches.

Good luck, Crabby.