Monday, September 20, 2010

Idiot Move? Don't be an ... Well, You Know

If there's anything dumber than making a dumb decision, it's kicking yourself all over the place for making a dumb decision when you made a smart decision that didn't happen to turn out well.

Hey. You traded Andre Johnson for Brett Favre? Dumb decision. You have a low annoyance threshold and you sit there and watch Chris Berman talk about football or anything else? Kick away.

But come on. Slapping yourself around for starting Brandon Jackson over Jahvid Best in Week 2 makes as much sense as calling yourself R. Trentham on a fantasy football site.

Best ran the ball 14 times in Week 1 for a grand total of 20 yards. 1.4 yards per carry. (Yes, he had two touchdowns, but they were very short goal-line carries and the team had no other options.) It was perfectly reasonable to assume he would continue to struggle as he found his way, especially as a rookie. It was also perfectly reasonable to assume that the Lions' offense would struggle in Week 2 after their starting QB went down, and that they would be throwing downfield a lot late in the game and all but eschewing the run game. (I know. Real men never use the word eschewing. How idiotic.)

Jackson, on the other hand, ran very well in Week 1 after Ryan Grant went down and was one of the hottest waiver pickups in many a year; was going against a horrible rushing defense in Week 2; has drawn raves from his coach for his improving skills, which seemingly range from picking up the blitz to picking up after the postgame meal; and plays for perhaps the most explosive offensive team in football. Shouldn't have even been that hard of a decision.

Hey, R. (or should I call you R. Trent? or Ham? or Period? or Per for short?), it's good to see your post sparked some empathy. Keep it coming, readers. And yeah, judging by some of the decisions our readers fessed up to, they can justifiably have regret (as can I for benching Antonio Gates. Never bench Antonio Gates. Dumb.).

But when you have logic, momentum and numbers on your side, and Lady Luck (or Freddy Fluke) tackles you at the 1, don't blame yourself. Don't call yourself an idiot. Others are standing by and waiting to make that call, and there is so much season left.

--Reid Creager


R. Trentham Roberts said...

careful when you cast those stones, Peed Meager.