Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Buffalo, where the only wing that concerns me is Fred Jackson's

Get it? Buffalo wings.
Fred Jackson was by most accounts a top 15 fantasy running back in 2009, dwarfing the production of his "Platoon-mate" Marshawn Lynch. He rushed for almost 1100 yards, had almost 50 receptions and scored as a passer, a rusher and a receiver.
But he never got a lot of buzz generated behind him. Owners who drafted Jackson got a lot of value for a guy who generally was available as late as the 10th round.
And thanks (in small part) to a broken hand, Jackson didn't show up very high on fantasy radars this year, either.
But if you were paying attention to his numbers and you snagged him in the 7th round or later, you got a steal. His hand is better, and ESPN is reporting that he'll be playing on Sunday. How much work will rookie C.J. Spiller take away from him? Hard to say. But a guy as reliable as Jackson across the board is going to find a good place in that offense. So congratulations if you got him late, and I feel a little bad for the folks who reached up to take Spiller - because Fred is the real deal.
I'll be putting him in my flex spot as my 3rd RB opening weekend.

Eric Edwards


Anonymous said...

Guess you posted this b/f Buffalo announced Spiller as the starter???? If you still have Fred in your flex, I hope to play you week 1!!!

Michael said...

And if you wouldn't like to have a solid back who's going to get 15-20 touches as your flex (Spiller is NO workhorse), you either have no depth at any other position, or you're crazy.