Friday, August 13, 2010

Panthers debut encouraging to fantasy owners?

Fantasy Football Preseason Rule No. 1: Barring injuries, there is very little to learn from the first exhibition game.

Let's break Rule No. 1.

What can we learn from the Panthers loss to the Ravens last night?

Carolina might be a better running team than we thought. And, it might not matter.

Fantasy writers have been skittish about the Panthers' best offensive talent, RB DeAngelo Williams, because of Carolina's inexperienced offensive line, a QB with less than a half-season of productivity, and a defense that seems poised to let opponents embark on long, maddening, DeAngelo-will-never-get-20-carries-today kind of drives.

Last night, however, was encouraging - in a small sample kind of way. The Panthers ran the ball nicely on the stout Ravens, a top 5 team against the run last season. Williams had 33 yards on five carries against Baltimore's first-stringers. And the Panthers' D? Not bad, in that first quarter, against a Baltimore offense many think will be strong this season.

But: Carolina's offensive line struggled against the blitz. Receivers (not including Steve Smith, who's injured) dropped catchable passes. The Panthers didn't score.

Williams is going in the first round of most fantasy drafts. Be wary. Your RB can get a ton of yards, but without regular scoring opportunities, he's not a first-round pick.

- Peter St. Onge


Anonymous said...

"because of Carolina's inexperienced offensive line"

Since when is having multiple Pro-Bowlers and "inexperienced offensive line"?

Gross, Kalil, Wharton, Otah...please...

Anonymous said...

Otah is not on the ground yet. Let's hope we get him back.